‘Legendary Coaches’ Nominations Open

The BLITZ Legendary Coaches list is comprised of 37. These coaches meet the criteria of being among the local schools in our coverage area at least for a portion of their career, and from 2009-present. BLITZ is opening up for public nominations for Legendary Coaches to be in consideration.

 BEFORE you make a nomination, PLEASE READ the criteria below or your nomination will not be considered.


The following criteria must be met to be nominated:

  • in the BLITZ coverage area (look it up if you’re unsure)
  • between years 2009-present at a BLITZ-area school
  • head coach with 10+ years of being a head coach in a varsity sport (or combined with higher level like college)
  • must not be already be one of our Legendary Coaches (LOOK HERE BEFORE NOMINATING)
  • must not be in the lists below of those who will be considered to be added this year (these coaches are already nominated)
  • must include their name, school, sport, records, accomplishments (region titles, state playoffs, etc). Just sending a name is not going to result in a nomination



  • Derrick Davis – Baseball
  • Casey Hanley – Wrestling
  • Jim McKinney – Tennis
  • (Steve Shedd once 10 yrs is reached)


  • Steve Cotrell – Baseball
  • Mark Hale – XC


  • Jeff Lee – Football
  • Jimmy Pruett – Softball


  • Chris Akridge – Baseball
  • Bill Bradley – Basketball/Softball
  • Lindsay Herrin – Volleyball
  • John Hood – Basketball
  • Stephanie Thomas – Softball


  • Kacie Bostwick – Softball
  • Greg Brown – Basketball
  • (Kacie Bostwick, Molly McCarty, Brittani Lawrence once 10 yrs is reached)


  • Brian Matthews – Wrestling


  • Tim Bragg – Football, Wrestling, Track & Field
  • Tim Corbett – XC, Track & Field
  • Bryan Getty – Tennis


  • Chad Bridges – Basketball, XC
  • Greg McCall – Baseball
  • Wesley Tankersley – Football


  • Brandy Corbett – Basketball, Volleyball
  • (Matt Heyl, Justin Pollock once 10 yrs is reached)


  • Rob Benson – Basketball
  • (Clay Livingston once 10 yrs is reached)


  • Paige Dyer – XC
  • Jackie Hughes – XC
  • (Anna Chapman once 10 yrs is reached)


  • Mark Carroll – Basketball
  • (Jarvis Davenport once 10 yrs is reached)

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