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If experiencing trouble while voting, please try the following solutions. When voting multiple times on the same device, your cookies and cache settings get full, which means eventually your device/computer will pull up a version of the poll/page that shows that you’ve already voted. To fix the issue:

  • CLEAR YOUR DEVICE CACHE SETTINGS: Simply through your device/computer browser, go to “History” or “Settings” to find your cache files. Some browsers have the option to “Clear Browsing Data” or “Clear Cache Files”. This option will refresh your browser.
  • CLEAR YOUR COOKIES: Same steps as above, and many browsers will clear both the cache and cookies when you select “Clear Browsing Data”.
  • DO A HARD REFRESH OF THE PAGE: CTRL+SHIFT+R on the webpage will reset the page. You still might have a full cache/cookies, so you’ll want to try that first.
  • CLOSE & RE-OPEN YOUR BROWSER: Sometimes simply closing out your browser completely, and re-open by using the link or URL will help.
  • GIVE IT A BREAK OR SWITCH DEVICES: If none of the above work, the voting poll could be not accepting your votes if they are too rapid with no break in between. This is a trigger called a “cooldown” that our poll software institutes to try and prevent any illegal voting. If nothing above works, try using a different device/computer for awhile, or give your fingers a break and come back to the voting a bit later. It could just be that your IP triggered a “cooldown” period by our voting software.


BLITZ’s voting software does detect and flag invalid activity. While this sometimes results in nothing upon investigation, BLITZ reserves the right to terminate voting results or retract votes based on invalid voting activity. Please vote respectfully and with integrity.

  • 1st Offense for school in single year: Retract the invalid votes from the voting tally
  • 2nd Offense for school in same year: Automatic DQ of individual in poll