BREAKING: Jaybo Shaw leaving Rabun for Wayne County

In a big announcement on Monday morning, Jaybo Shaw has been announced as the new head coach at Wayne County.

Though it was probably the “worst kept secret” for several weeks, the Rabun County head football coach was rumored to be leaving Tiger for the Gainesville Red Elephants head coaching job. Things changed when Gainesville announced someone else as head coach. However, Shaw now will be heading to Wayne County. Shaw had captained the Wildcats since the 2019 season, guiding the program to a 35-5 record in 3 seasons. That success including being ranked #1 in each season at some point, going to 3 straight Quarterfinals (including a Semifinal run in 2020), and 3 straight region championships.

Shaw, an offensive-minded coach, saw his offense with star QB Gunner Stockton improve in each season, going from 579 points (44.5/game) in 2019, 621 (44.4) in 2020, and 632 (48.6) in 2021.

He was also the offensive play-caller for a couple of seasons prior when his dad, Lee Shaw, was head coach at Rabun. Jaybo Shaw’s offense scored a school-record 684 points in their title-game season in 2017, and his offensive mind has garnered him much attention from other programs looking to improve.

Shaw has long been assumed to be tied to Gunner Stockton’s time at Rabun; it has been rumored that he – and much of the staff – was staying to see one of the school’s most successful senior classes (a group of 22) through.

Wayne County is coming off an 0-9 season, and were 3-8 the year prior. Still, the program had made the playoffs each year from 2012-2020, and won 3 region titles.


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