Inseparable – Kilee Thomas & PresLee Hix

Kilee Thomas and PresLee Hix are teammates in more ways than one. They played softball together all the way through high school at Habersham Central. They are doubles teammates in tennis as well. As graduation looms just ahead, the friends, who have known each other quite literally their whole lives, are set to embark on yet another journey that takes them both to Agnes Scott College.

“We have been playing together since we were three years old,” claims Thomas. “My earliest memories of us together playing softball was on my grandpa’s t-ball team called the Sea Dogs. Our parents reconnected because they once played church league softball together. Soon after, they realized we were also best friends.”

It was a ‘come full circle’ moment for the Thomases and Hixes. That bond is about unbreakable, and continues to be threaded even thicker as the duo chose to go together to Agnes Scott to pursue their dream of playing college softball.

“Going to the same college together was always a dream, but we never thought it would be possible,” admits Hix. “I was invited to visit the school from their assistant coach after a travel game. I told Kilee that she should contact the coach after my visit because of how much I loved the school and the coaching staff. Kilee then went on a visit and felt the same way. We both communicated with each other and Coach Busby to make sure this was the right fit for us both. Coach Busby showed equal interest in the both of us and then our dream became a reality. She soon then offered us at the same time after a big win over Flowery Branch.”

The common thread that ties the friendship together has been and will continue to be the game of softball.

“We were always at the softball fields together,” continues Hix. “Whether it was little league, travel ball, or going to the high school games and sitting in the dugout together, softball always gave us a place to be together. Kilee and I both agree that softball is our place to escape everything else. It strengthened our friendship by being able to trust each other and build loyalty to each other.”

Those elements of a friendship – loyalty and trust – are pivotal to be able to endure life. This pair going to the same college will make life easier on them both, and probably their parents as well.

“Honestly, I know it’s gonna be great but at the same time I know we are gonna have our ups and downs,” says Thomas. “But no matter what we will get through it. It means a lot to me that I can go to college with someone I consider family and know they will protect me at all costs. I think it’s going to be great to be able to rely on PresLee, or her rely on me. She told me when we first got offered, ‘I’m so glad we are going to college together. You can wake me up in the mornings.’ Playing with Pres in the future shows me that we will have a forever friendship and make many more memories as time passes.” 

The decision to go to Agnes Scott for Kilee wasn’t just that her best friend was going.

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

“Agnes Scott is a beautiful school and helps you really prepare for your future career,” states Thomas. “I’ve never wanted to play D1 softball because I wanted to focus more on academics and I believe Agnes Scott will help me pursue this. What sold me on playing there was the coach. She is awesome. The first time I met her I knew I wanted to play for her, and then knowing she wanted both me and PresLee just made it an easier decision.”

PresLee loves thinking back over the countless memories, the bad and mostly the good, that she’s shared with Kilee.

“Kilee and I have been friends for 14 years now and we have so many funny and crazy memories together,” says Hix. “Our best memories are going to the lake together, late night drives with our friends, and if you know Kilee and I, we are always laughing together. Honestly there is not just one memory that I can choose.”

One thing’s for sure – the best friends forever have more than just a friend on the diamond – they have a friend in their corner.

“No matter what the circumstances, we both know that we have each other’s backs and that we will always go down swinging for one another,” states Thomas. “Softball was always our happy place and we would always make the best memories together, which has brought us even closer over the years.”

Thomas and Hix will graduate this spring and head to Agnes Scott to play for the Terriers, and will see their first official action in the Spring of 2022.

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