Rabun, Union Represented on Recruit Georgia 2A All-State List

Recruit Georgia came out with the annual All-State team, and rolled out the 2A Public All-State honorees for 2020.

Of the many members who earned the distinction, Rabun County had a pair make the list, while Union had one as well. Rabun’s Gunner Stockton (JR QB) was named to the All-State Offense, as was his top target, SR WR Adriel Clark. Union County’s JR Punter Logan Helcher made the Defense All-State list.

Rabun had several honorable mentions: Will Turpin, Bear Old, Will McCraw, Lang Windham, Cory Keller, Hoff Windham. Union had Jonah Daniel as an HM, while Banks had Jace Bennett as an HM as well.

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