Jack Attack: Habersham’s Clouatre On Breaking Single-Game Rushing Record [VIDEO]

It was a video game performance for Jackson Clouatre in a big Raiders win last week at Apalachee. When the dust settled in the wake of his quick feet, the senior running back had 305 rushing yards and 3 TD, and even added 24 receiving yards.

“Started out, normal game,” states Cloautre. “We were running inside zone, inside zone, inside zone, and ended up running some stretch, and that was killing them. I knew I was doing good, and had a bunch of yards, but at the end of the third quarter, coach Osborne told me ‘dude, you’re about to break the record.’ That’s insane, I didn’t think I was going to have 305 yards. “[After breaking the record], I screamed and thanked my O-Line. We all celebrated together.”

The previous mark was set by former Raider DJ Griffin (282 yds) in the 2009 season. The record held for 11 years, but Clouatre’s new mark may not be safe from himself the way he’s running the ball.

“My goal is to get 2,000 yards rushing,” says Clouatre. “My mom told me to break a record this year and I thought that’s going to be tough. But I did it.”

Over his career, Clouatre has rushed for 1,972 yards to date, scoring 15 TD. His next carry could see him eclipse 2,000 for his career.

In chasing history, Clouatre is a threat to rack up the second-most rushing yards in Habersham history. Raider legend Kevin Ellison (4,372) is out of reach, but the second spot anchored by Michael Babers (2,900) is definitely in the realm of possibility.

Ellison’s 2,138 yards and 32 rushing TD in 2011 are the single-season records. Career rushing scores leader Ellison (63) is not attainable for Clouatre, but second place Babers (34) is possible as well.

Habersham has a bye week before taking on local rivals White County in Week 4 at home.

Clouatre was named BLITZ Player of the Week for his efforts against Apalachee, while the O-Line was named the Habersham EMC Linemen of the Week.

Digital Copy of Interview – Jackson Clouatre

Digital Copy of Interview - Jackson Clouatre


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