Boys Soccer Player of the Year – Brandon Hudson

In limited action in 2020, it was Brandon Hudson of Jefferson to make the most noise, thus laying claim to the BLITZ Player of the Year award.


  • 20 Goals
  • 7 Assists

The senior striker put 20 balls into the back of the net, and added 7 assists as the undisputed captain for the Jefferson Dragons. It’s crazy to think if Jefferson had been able to finish the season what his final numbers would have looked like.


  1. Brandon Hudson – 73 pts (13)
  2. Hayden Gensler – 33.5
  3. Kobi Robbins – 30.25 (2)
  4. Erwin Durmic – 29
  5. Peyton Barrett – 13.5
  6. Steven Bennett – 12.5 (1)
  7. Jensen Brown – 4.25

Voting for Player of the Year is performed by an internal voting panel consisting of mostly local sports reporters, as well as a small group of former officials, former players, and former coaches. The panel ranks the finalists in order, producing a Heisman-style voting point total.


2020 – Brandon Hudson (Jefferson SR F)
2019 – Brian Smith (Union Co SR F)
2018 – Chris Keys (Lumpkin Co SR F)
2017 – Dennis Pyetsukh (Dawson Co JR F)
2016 – Dennis Pyetsukh (Dawson Co SO F)
2015 – Brandon Lund (Dawson Co SR F)
2014 – Brandon Lund (Dawson Co JR F)
2013 – Brooks Fulford (Dawson Co JR GK)
2012 – Jose Lara (Habersham SR F)
2011 – Vincent Thomas (Union Co SR M)
2010 – Nolan & Sawyer Hemmer (Habersham SR F/D)

Hudson makes it now seven years in a row that a forward/striker takes the hardware. He is the first Jefferson player to take the honors, and the third straight senior. That means 2021 will produce the fifth straight different winner of the award.


Hudson is out, and so is Erwin Durmic (Banks), Steven Bennett (Habersham), and Kobi Robbins (Union). What a great group. Hayden Gensler (White) was runner-up this year for the honors and will be back, as will Towns County’s Peyton Barrett and teammate Jensen Brown. All those guys are front-runners right now.

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