Boys Soccer Player of the Year finalists

We took a sharp list of solid nominees down to a finalist pool of 6 players up for the award…but WAIT! You can pick our 7th finalist by voting for the “ONE LAST FINALIST” below until April 19 at 3 PM!


Peyton Barrett (Towns JR S #6)

Photo by TC Soccer

STATS: 8 G, 1  A

Steven Bennett (Habersham SR F #2)

Photo by Reagan Turner

STATS: 3 G, 1 A

Erwin Durmic (Banks SR S #22)

Photo by Crump Photo

STATS: 10 G, 2 A

Hayden Gensler (White JR F #7)

Photo by Michael Grafx

STATS: 10 G, 3 A

Brandon Hudson (Jefferson SR S #28)

Photo by Ben Munro

STATS: 20 G, 7 A

Kobi Robbins (Union SR S #10)

Photo by Todd Forrest



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