Trio accounts for 1,000-plus yards, earns Football Player of the Week nod

A trio of football stars combined for over 1,000 yards of offense and nearly 10 touchdowns to earn Player of the Week honors. The Fan Vote, which brought home some 26,532 total votes, showed Habersham Central senior QB Ryte Woodruff as the winner (12,288 votes), while BLITZ picked both Gunner Stockton (Rabun) and Shawn Thomas (Dawson) as winners of the award as well. Worth noting that Commerce RB Tyelon Brock had the voting lead until the very end, and finished with 11,879 votes. Woodruff’s 12,288 was officially the most votes ever recorded in a BLITZ poll for Player of the Week in football (not all sports).


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Ryte Woodruff made his debut as a starter for the Raiders at Dawson County. The senior quarterback, while not walking away with a win, still put to rest any concerns about handling what has been a very good offense Habersham has had the last few years.

Woodruff completed 13-of-31 passes, closing shop with 237 passing yards and two touchdowns. He also showed the ability to run when he had to, picking up another 32 yards on the ground. This is Woodruff’s first-ever Player of the Week award.

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This was a no-brainer. The 5-star recruit and #1-rated dual threat QB in the class of 2022 opened his sophomore season with a bang. Of the 500 yards of offense the Wildcats put up against Bremen in the Erk Russell Classic, Gunner Stockton was responsible for 465 of them. He passed efficiently at a 73% clip (8-for-11), for 211 yards and a TD. He also rushed for 254 yards and 3 more scores in the 34-13 win.

This is Stockton’s fifth Player of the Week award of his career, joining him with only eight others to earn that many.

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Shawn Thomas already showed signs last season of brilliance – albeit in a smaller role (yet still important). He’s no longer flying under the radar with the season-opening performance. Thomas set the tone immediately with the season’s opening kickoff against Habersham. He fielded the ball around the five-yard line and took it all the way in for the score. He finished with 124 kickoff return yards and the TD on special teams.

Thomas also churned out some great real estate in the ground game. The senior pounded out 157 yards and another TD in the 27-13 win. This is Thomas’ first-ever Player of the Week award.

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