Girls Soccer Player of the Year: Hope Kenney

In a crowded field of elite goal-scorers in North Georgia in 2019, no one found the back of the net more times than Hope Kenney of Lumpkin County. The junior set a school record on her way to winning Player of the Year.

2019 By The Numbers

  • 33 Goals
  • 8 Assists
  • 75 Points
  • 4.2 Points/Game
  • School Record for Single-Season Goals

Not only did no one in the North Georgia area score more times than Kenney, but no one in Lumpkin County’s rich history has ever done it. She broke the still-young single-season goals record set by former Player of the Year Alexis Satterfield. Kenney has a shot to also break the career goals mark by Satterfield if she does in 2020 what she did in 2019. If she does that, she’ll likely put it out of reach for quite awhile.

Kenney added 8 assists as well, finishing with 75 points (4.2/game). Her play guided the Lady Indians to the Sweet 16 in the 3A bracket.

Voting Results

  1. Hope Kenney – 71 pts (9 first-place votes)
  2. Madison Yost – 48 pts (3)
  3. Margo Perry – 32 pts (4)
  4. Molly Muenchen – 23 pts
  5. Taylor Cornett – 19 pts (1)
  6. Makenzie Kimbarl – 16 pts (1)
  7. Fallan Lacey – 15 pts (1)
  8. Abbey Eison – 8 pts

Voting included our 19-person panel made up of sports reporters, writers, video producers, former coaches, players, GHSA officials, and sports experts. The voting is Heisman-style, with the following points system:
1st place votes: 5 pts; 2nd: 3 pts; 3rd: 2 pts; 4th: 1 pts; 5th-6th: 0.5 pts; 7th: 0.25 pts; 8th: 0 pts

History of Girls Soccer Player of the Year

  • 2019: Hope Kenney (Lumpkin JR F)
  • 2018: Brooke Barrett (Towns SR F)
  • 2017: Fallan Lacey (Dawson SO GK)
  • 2016: Alexis Satterfield (Lumpkin SR F)
  • 2015: Alexis Satterfield (Lumpkin JR F)
  • 2014: Anela Melton (Dawson JR GK)
  • 2013: Tina Libao (Dawson FR MF)
  • 2012: Emily Stowers (Dawson SR F)
  • 2011: Kaitlyn Hooper (White SR F)
  • 2010: Kaitlyn Hooper (White JR F)

Kenney is the first Lumpkin player since Alexis Satterfield (who won it back-to-back) to win the award. She makes the seventh striker to win the honors, and second in a row. As evidenced by the voting results, the votes were split pretty well, with six girls each garnering at least one first-place vote. The field contained five elite goal-scorers, including four that had 27 or more goals on the season. The field also included Fallan Lacey, the Player of the Year from two seasons ago.

Looking Ahead – The Next Favorite

Obviously that would be Kenney leading the pack. However, on her heels is and will be Dawson’s Molly Muenchen, who also scored 30 goals. The Jefferson duo of Margo Perry (junior) and Abbey Eison (freshman) also will be back in 2020. Then, there’s always the next player up somewhere else.

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