Basketball All-Region Teams: Trio named Player of the Year

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As the regular season has come to a close, we are proud to relay to you the all-region members, highlighted by a few Player of the Year winners in Kaylee Sticker (Dawson), Luke Chism (Dawson), and Carl Cleveland (Banks).

DISCLAIMER: If we missed someone, please let us know


1st Team All-Region
Dontarius Bailey – Habersham Central


1st Team All-Region
Austin Harris – White County

Honorable Mention
Daniel Rowland – White County

2019 Bob & Teds GIF


1st Team All-Region
Dasha Cannon – White County

2nd Team All-Region
Bentley Cronic – White County

Honorable Mention
Naomi Crumley – White County
Ellie Gearing – White County
Rachel Lovell – White County
Maddie Futch – White County


1st Team All-Region
Ty Nails – Stephens County

2nd Team All-Region
Nigel Green – Stephens County


2nd Team All-Region
Ranajah Verdell – Stephens County

Honorable Mention
Tynajiah Eades – Stephens County


PLAYER OF THE YEAR – Luke Chism (Dawson County)

1st Team All-Region
Jasper Gibson – Dawson County
Campbell Reed – Dawson County
Matt Seabolt – Lumpkin County

Honorable Mention
Eli Burruss – Dawson County
Ahmad Kamara – Dawson County
Jake Granger – Lumpkin County


PLAYER OF THE YEAR – Kaylee Sticker (Dawson County)

1st Team All-Region
Isabel Davenport – Lumpkin County
Sophia D’Oliveira – Dawson County
Mackenzie Pulley – Lumpkin County

Honorable Mention
Ashlynn Wistoski – Lumpkin County
Makenzie Caldwell – Lumpkin County
Clara White – Lumpkin County
Marlie Townley – Dawson County
Maddie Anglin – Dawson County
Anna Lowe – Dawson County


1st Team All-Region
Jacob Radaker – Jefferson
Donsha Gaither – Jefferson


1st Team All-Region
Livi Blackstock – Jefferson
Natalia Bolden – Jefferson
Deshona Gaither – Jefferson


PLAYER OF THE YEAR – Carl Cleveland (Banks County)

1st Team All-Region
Pierson Allison – Union County
Sawyer Drake – Union County
Kasin Old – Rabun County
Pierce Martin – Banks County

Honorable Mention
Noah Rylee – Banks County
Wes Ledford – Banks County
Cameron Lovell – Rabun County

2019 Jacky Jones GIF


1st Team All-Region
Jaycie Bowen – Banks County
Brooke Henricks – Rabun County
Laken Stiles – Rabun County
Amber Williams – Banks County
Heather Vaughan – Banks County
Ava Hunter – Union County

Honorable Mention
Kailynn Gilstrap – Banks County
Brooke Dockery – Union County
Kait McCarter – Union County
Andelin Hill – Union County
Kaitlin Coleman – Rabun County
Destiny Deetz – Rabun County
*Georgia Stockton – Rabun County *missed bulk of season to injury

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8-A (BOYS)

2nd Team All-Region
Matthew Weidner – Tallulah Falls
Kolby Moss – Towns County

Honorable Mention
Jaylen Dorsey – Commerce
Creed Dunbar – Commerce
Will Travis – Towns County


1st Team All-Region
Kennedi Henson – Towns County
Nyah Williams – Tallulah Falls

2nd Team All-Region
Katy Corbett – Tallulah Falls

Honorable Mention
Taylor Cornett – Towns County
Vanessa Floyd – Towns County
Bryanna Sanders – Commerce
Jeanece Smith – Commerce
Maggie Mullis – Commerce
Autumn Mathis – Commerce
Lillie Free – Tallulah Falls

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