Raiders QB Luttrell & Wildcats’ Jones take Player of the Week honors

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After over 18,000 people voted in the Player of the Week Fan Vote, it was Rabun’s Austin Jones who won his fourth such award of the season.

Jones notched 7,035 votes, just sliding past Towns County’s Wesly Calhoun, who totaled 6,187 votes in an epic voting battle between the fans. Habersham’s Tre Luttrell was also named the BLITZ pick Player of the Week after leading the Raiders to the playoffs for the first time since 2011 in a solid performance in the regular season finale.

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Austin Jones 4 - Rabun

Jones is now a four-time Player of the Week winner in 2018, and now has eight of the awards overall in his incredible career. After nursing an injury the past few weeks, he finally got back on the field in the Region 8-AA Championship game against Union County, and he didn’t miss a beat.

The senior tallied nearly 200 total yards, complete with a TD and one sensational punt return that got down inside the five-yard line. On the flip side of the ball, Jones had 11 tackles. He finished with 74 receiving yards and 10 rushing yards, as well as 98 kick and punt return yards.

2018: 597 rec yds, 6 TD / 39 rush yds / 194 PR yds, 1 TD / 91 KR yds
54 TKL / 6 TFL / 1 INT / FF

CAREER: 1,960 rec yds, 19 TD / 88 rush yds, 1 TD / 922 KR & PR yds, 5 TD
303 TKL / 17 TFL / 10 INT / 74 YDS / 1 TD / 3 FF / 3 FUM REC

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Tre Luttrell 2 - Habersham

Tre’ Luttrell’s career will be remembered for many things (with many teams), but his performance on Friday, November 2 might be one of the best for what was at stake. With ice veins, Luttrell lifted the Raiders to a gutsy win in the season finale, in turn punching a ticket to the state playoffs for the first time since 2011.

He collected nearly 300 yards and played just about every snap. He threw for 181 yards and 3 TD, rushed for 96 yards, and closed with eight tackles (2 for loss) and a sack. Luttrell earns his second Player of the Week award this season.

2018: 2,014 yds, 23 TD, 6 INT (138/269; 51%) / 639 yds, 5 TD
45 TKL, 5.5 TFL, 1 Sack

Feature Photo by Daniel Purcell / Now Habersham

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