State leaders include 10 locals QBs, RBs & WRs

2019 Jacky Jones GIF

The updated look at the state leaders in rushing, passing and receiving yardage has 10locals in the mix.

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Crump Tall GIF 2018PASSING (min 1,275 yds)

State Leader: Max Brosmer (Centennial)

Pierson Allison – Union Co – 2,474
6th Overall
Allison is Class 2A’s top passer with 2,474 yards and 20 TD against 3 picks. He has 597 rushing yds as well with 8 TD.

Gunner Stockton – Rabun Co – 1,924
16th Overall
Stockton is among the state’s top passers with 1,924 yards, which includes 23 TD to just 4 INT. He’s also rushed for 471 yds and another 11 TD.

Tre’ Luttrell – Habersham Central – 1,833
22nd Overall
Luttrell has 1,833 yards and 20 TD passes with 4 INTs. He also has 578 rushing yds with 5 TD.

J Ben Haynes – White Co – 1,363
70th Overall
Haynes has 1,363 passing yards to go with 9 TDs and 8 picks. He’s also rushed for 265 yards and a pair of TDs.


RUSHING (min 925 yds)

State Leader: Treylon Sheppard (Haralson County) 2,685

Terrence Walker – Banks Co – 1,112
40th Overall
Walker has now 1,112 rushing yards, topping the 1,000 mark as the first in our coverage area to do so this season. He has close to 15 TDs on the season overall.

Ahmad Kamara – Dawson Co – 990
69th Overall
Kamara needs probably just one more carry to hit 1,000 and has 13 rushing scores to go with it.

Brison Beck – Rabun Co – 952
78th Overall
Beck also just needs a few more carries to hit 1,000, and now has 16 rushing scores and another receiving to give him 17 total this season.

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

RECEIVING (min 550 yds)

State Leader: Marcayll Jones (Warner Robins) 1,420

Sawyer Drake – Union Co – 746
23rd Overall

Drake’s 672 yards goes with his 6 TDs.

Donovan Curry – Habersham Central – 676
34th Overall
Curry has 676 receiving yards and 6 TDs.

Kyle Morlock – Union Co – 608
53rd Overall

Morlock’s 608 yards includes 6 TDs.

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