The Leaderboard: four QB, three WR, two RB among state leaders

2019 Jacky Jones GIF

The updated look at the state leaders in rushing, passing and receiving yardage has 9 locals in the mix.

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Crump Tall GIF 2018PASSING (min 915 yds)

State Leader: Dylan Fromm (Warner Robins)

Pierson Allison – Union Co – 1,633
Allison is 9th overall on the state passing yardage list. He has the Panthers 6-0 and has 11 TD and 3 INT and 420 rush yards with 5 TD.

Tre’ Luttrell – Habersham Central – 1,454
Luttrell is 13th in the state for the 4-3 Raiders, and Luttrell has 17 TD passes to 5 INT, and 432 rush yards with 3 TD.

Gunner Stockton – Rabun Co – 1,264
Stockton, 33rd on the passing list, has 1,264 passing yards and 13 TD with 2 INT. He also has 376 yards on the ground and 9 TD for the #3-ranked, 5-1 Rabun County Wildcats.

J Ben Haynes – White Co – 1,039
Haynes is 66th on the leaderboard with 1,039 yards, and has 5 TDs and 5 INT for the 1-5 Warriors.


RUSHING (min 680 yds)

State Leader: Treylon Sheppard (Haralson County) 1,834

Ahmad Kamara – Dawson Co – 786
Kamara is 49th on the board with 786 yds and has 9 TD for the 6-1 Tigers

Terrence Walker – Banks Co – 685
Walker (73rd on rushing list) has 10 TDs and 685 yards on the season for 3-3 Banks County.

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

RECEIVING (min 425 yds)

State Leader: Marcayll Jones (Warner Robins) 1,084

Donovan Curry – Habersham Central – 610
Curry’s 610 is 15th best in the state, and he has 7 TD for the 4-3 Raiders.

Austin Jones – Rabun Co – 469
Jones’ 469 yards and 5 receiving TDs has him 50th on the leaderboard for the 5-1 Wildcats.

Sawyer Drake – Union Co – 447
Drake’s 447 yards puts him at 60th on the board, and he has 4 TD for the undefeated 6-0 Panthers.

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