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Commerce ‘chasing perfection’ one game at a time [VIDEO]

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Here we are, six games into the 2018 football season, and Commerce is in a spot it has not been before under head coach Michael Brown.

Crump Tall GIF 2018The Tigers are chasing perfection, but focusing on the old cliche “one game at a time.” The 6-0 mark for the Tigers is the first time under coach Brown in six seasons that Commerce has won six in a row to start the year. It has started 4-0, 3-0 a couple of times and 2-0 another couple of times, but not this.


“The challenge is not to look back,” says Brown. “We try to emphasize to our kids that the next opponent is the biggest game of the year. The real challenge is to come back every Monday and go back to work and focus on getting better.”

Commerce isn’t just winning, it’s dominating. Three shutouts are a prime example of that, as the defense, which is allowing a minuscule 7.8 points per contest, is as good as ever.

“They’ve done a good job of preparing every week,” says Brown of his defense. “Our coaches on that side of the ball are as good as anybody…it all comes back to what’s going on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We put a premium on our practices…our coaches and kids have a done a great job during the week.”

While the scoring defense easily ranks as the best Brown has had to this point, the same can be said for the offense, which scores almost at will in the triple option to the tune of 39.8 points per game.

Tall Ads - ACE“When you’re running the triple, there should be at least three threats.” says Brown, who has six players with 175 or more rushing yards. “We feel like we can throw the ball…when we need to, but when you line up and execute this offense it should present problems to our opponents.”

The Tigers have three games left before the regular season finale against a cross-region foe, to be announced. This serves as the virtual Region 8-A Title when Commerce (assuming it holds the top spot in sub-region) takes on its counterpart in the other sub-region.

While this storied program nears the end, perhaps Brown sums it up best what the team is driving for: “We’re chasing perfection…and as long as you’re chasing it, you may never achieve it, but you’re heading in the right direction.”



Nate Ray: 255 yds, 4 TD | 15/26 (58%)


Nate Ray: 434 yds, 7 TD (8.7 YPC)
Caleb Mason: 358 yds, 7 TD (11.5 YPC)
Sam Roach: 295 yds, 3 TD (6.5 YPC)
Dylan Deaton: 228 yds, 5 TD (6.5 YPC)
Nick Patrick: 201 yds, 3 TD (6.3 YPC)
DaJuan Wood: 176 yds, 1 TD (6.5 YPC)


Dylan Deaton: 83 yds, 1 TD
TJ Trudnak: 81 yds, 2 TD
DaJuan Wood: 71 yds, 1 TD


Tucker Flint: 61
Trahvon Wiggins: 37 (2 Sacks, 3 Fum Rec)
Tanner Lumpkin: 37 (1 Sack)
Jalen Dorsey: 30 
Grey Holbrook: 30 (1 Sack)
Dylan Deaton: 29


Creed Dunbar: 2
Dylan Deaton, Jalen Dorsey, Caleb Mason, DaJuan Wood: 1

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