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It’s been another fantastic football season in 2017, and for many individuals, they received some prestigious honors on being named to their respective all-region teams.

Among those winning player/coach of the year awards were 8-AA Coach of the Year Lee Shaw (Rabun) and 8-A John Cornett (Towns), as well as 8-AA Player of the Year Bailey Fisher (Rabun), 8-AA Offensive Player of the Year Cole Keener (Rabun), 7-AAA Offensive MVP Coey Watson (Dawson), 7-AAA Special Teams Player of the Year Wesley Wells (Lumpkin), 8-AAAA Player of the Year Colby Wood (Jefferson)

Congrats to the following (listed by region, lowest to highest):


Coach of the year:  John Cornett, Towns County
RB – Easley Smith, Commerce, Sr.
RB – Zach Davenport, Towns County, Sr.
WR – Kyre Ware, Commerce, Sr.
OL – Cade Ridley, Commerce, Sr.
OL – Tanner Lumpkin, Commerce, Jr.
DL – Cody Ridley, Commerce, Sr.
DL – Logan Cowart, Towns County, Sr.
DL – Levi Pate, Commerce, Jr.
LB – Braxton Legg, Commerce, Sr.
LB – Harold Cox, Towns County, Sr.
DB – Andy Chambers, Towns County, Sr.
DB – Dylan Deaton, Commerce, Jr.

Honorable mention:  QB Trent Bradshaw, Towns County, Jr.; RB Cole Ledford, Towns County, Sr.; TE Darren Simpson, Commerce, Jr.; TE Shane Sparks, Towns County, So.; OL Danny Reagan, Towns County, Jr.; OL Jake Parker, Towns County, Jr.; DL Jeremy Mays, Towns County, Sr.; DB Cole Ledford, Towns County, Sr.; DB Zach Davenport, Towns County, Sr.; DB Caleb Mason, Commerce, Jr.; LB Chase Forrester, Commerce, Sr.; PK Wesley Calhoun, Towns County, Jr.; P Dalton Key, Towns County, Sr.



Player of the year: QB Bailey Fisher, Rabun County, Sr.
Offensive player of the year: WR Cole Keener, Rabun County, Sr.
Coach of the year: Lee Shaw, Rabun County

First-team offense
RB – Clayton Dykhouse, Banks County, Sr.
WR – Braxton Hicks, Rabun County, So.
WR – Austin Jones, Rabun County, Jr.
OL – Tripp Martin, Banks County, Sr.
OL – Shawn Lovell, Rabun County, Jr.

First-team defense
DL – Ryan Dove, Banks County, Sr.
DL – Austin Sosebee, Rabun County, Jr.
DL – Jackson Webb, Rabun County, Jr.
LB – Terrance Walker, Banks County, Jr.
LB – Gavyn Jones, Rabun County, Sr.
LB – Dawson Henricks, Rabun County, Sr.
DB – Jacob Lehotsky, Banks County, Jr.
DB – Austin Jones, Rabun County, Jr.
K – Andrew Barnes, Rabun County, Sr.

Second-team offense
RB – Terrance Walker, Banks County, Jr.
RB – Brison Beck, Rabun County, Jr.
WR – Blake Segars, Banks County, Sr.
WR – Dillyn Nichols, Rabun County, Sr.
OL – Parker Sprayberry, Banks County, Sr.
OL – Jackson Webb, Rabun County, Jr.

Second-team defense
DL – Cody Dodge, Banks County, Jr.
DL – Tanner Jarrard, Rabun County, Sr.
LB – Marshall Pace, Banks County, Sr.
LB – Justin Wilkes, Rabun County, Sr.
LB – Cody Saxon, Banks County, Sr.


MVP, Offensive: Coey Watson, Dawson County, Sr. QB
Special Teams POY: Wesley Wells, Lumpkin County, Sr. K/P

1st Team
QB – Cole Wright, Union County SR
RB – Sevaughn Clark, Dawson County JR
WR – Ryan Glass, Dawson County JR
OL – Devan Dye, Lumpkin County JR
OL – Caleb Frady, Lumpkin County SR
K – Brian Smith, Union County JR
DL – Zac Baloga, Dawson County JR
DL – Josh Chastain, Lumpkin County SR
LB – Nate Umberger, Dawson County SR
LB – RJ Banton, Union County SR
DB – Logan Barnes, Dawson County JR
DB – Noah Brock, Dawson County JR


RB – Kaleb Crane, White County, Sr.
WR – Austin Rowland, White County, Sr.
WR – Ty Ulrich, White County, Sr.
OL – Nakia Anthony, White County, Sr.

DL – Jay Lepkoske, White County, Jr.
LB – Mike Mintz, White County, Jr.
DB – Kurtis Havelin, White County, Jr.
P – Brett Bardenwerper, White County, Sr.

Honorable mention: J. Ben Haynes, White County; Garrett Herold, White County; Wil Anglin, White County; Tommy Churchwell, White County; Talmage Sampson, White County; Mason Palmer, White County


Player of the year: RB Colby Wood, Jefferson, Sr.

First-team offense
QB – Bryce Moore, Jefferson, Sr.
TB – Hassan Brown, Stephens County, Sr.
WR – Cayden Maxwell, Stephens County, Jr.
WR – Sammy Elegreet, Jefferson, Jr.
TE – Garmon Randolph, Jefferson, Jr.
OL – Logan Garner, Jefferson, Sr.
OL – Isaiah Crawford, Stephens County, Sr.

First-team defense
DL – Gavin Walker, Stephens County, Sr.
LB – Cole Beitzel, Stephens County, Sr.
LB – Colby Clark, Jefferson, So.
DB – Brandon Wheeler, Stephens County, Sr.
DB – Zac Corbin, Jefferson, Jr.

Second-team offense
QB – Jackson Bell, Stephens County, Sr.
FB – Justin Cole, Jefferson, Sr.
WR – Griff Pruitt, Stephens County, Sr.
OL – Hunter Griffith, Jefferson, Sr.
OL – J.T. Middleton, Jefferson, Jr.
OL – Mike Seay, Stephens County, Jr.
PK – Hayden Kilgore, Jefferson, Jr.

Second-team defense
DL – Cale Compton, Jefferson, Sr.
LB – Matthew Nilsen, Jefferson, Sr.
LB – Charles Cochran, Stephens County, Jr.
DB – Terrell Wall, Jefferson, Sr.
P – Addison Clay, Jefferson, Sr.

Honorable mention: Jefferson – Kade McNally, Ryan Godfrey, Logan Whidby, Seth Glausier, Clay Pender. Stephens County – Daniel Brock, Garrison Walker, Kamon Taylor, Kole Rogers, Tae Thorton.


QB – A.J. Curry, Habersham Central, Sr.
RB – Baylor Hinshaw, Habersham Central, Sr.
WR – Jim Barnett, Habersham Central, Sr.
WR – Donovan Curry, Habersham Central, Jr.
OL – Schaefer Almoyan, Habersham Central, Sr.
OL – Bryan Mason, Habersham Central, Sr.

DL – Zach Ferguson, Habersham Central, Jr.

Honorable mention: Habersham Central – Andrew Lovell, Josh Pickett. Dacula – Will Stovall, Deo Brown.



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