9-1 Lady Warriors Aim To ‘Stay Crisp’ Amidst Hot Start [VIDEO]

You couldn’t script a better start for White County softball than 9-1 in the first 10 games…well, maybe you could, but no one among the Lady Warriors is complaining.

“Yeah, so far we’ve done a lot of things right,” says coach Drew Owens. “The girls really worked hard in the summer. We knew from the get-go that if things went our way with a little luck we would be pretty successful.”

That attitude stretches to every member of the team.

“If feels great,” adds senior Liana O’Kelly, who has been on a tear herself this season so far. “We always told ourselves of course it’s nice [being ranked], but we just need to go out there and do what we always do.”

One key factor to the mounting number of wins is the strategy of run prevention – scoring more than the opponents with a balance of good pitching, solid defense, and timely hitting. To that end, the team has outscored opposition 65-28.

“I’m a little old school a little bit in the way we do ‘defense and pitching wins championships’,” states Owens. “I still believe in that. We spend a ton of time on defense. Offensively, the girls have done a lot of things right, like moving runners over and putting people in a position to be successful. We’re fortunate enough this year to have speed.”

The girls are expecting great things in 2021, and the trio of senior leaders are hoping to leave behind a lasting fingerprint.

“I hope everyone just realizes that we all have a positive attitude,” says Annika Vandiver of what she hopes people remember about this senior trio. “We’re all ready to be out there and play, and no one has ever seen us not happy out in the field.”

The goals from day one have been pretty clear – and it starts with a region title. While the expectation is to win Region 7-AAA and make a deep playoff run, the girls are smart enough to remain in the moment and not think too far ahead.

“Staying humble this year [is important], just having to realizing that there will be games where we don’t play our best,” says Reagan Dunagan. “We will make errors, but just keeping each other up when that does happen and then staying on top when we get there.”

The message this season has been a unified voice from the Lady Warriors.

“Stay crisp,” says O’Kelly of the team’s motto for 2021. “That’s been our slogan now, stay crisp, don’t get stale.”

The Lady Warriors are 9-1 overall and are sitting second to East Forsyth in the region standings. A loss to the Lady Broncos is the only so far for White County.

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