Boys Golfer of the Year Nominees

The 2021 season is a wrap, and here are our official Golfer of the Year Nominees for Boys Golf.

What’s Next? We take our nominees down to a finalist group, and then we let the public vote for the last finalist. Once that LAST FINALIST is awarded, we’ll take the finalist poll to an internal vote to determine Golfer of the Year.

NOTE: Banks, Lumpkin & Stephens did not respond to requests for nomination

Jacob Adams – White

STATS: Region 4th (77), State 6th (76, 71)

Tanner Bronnum – Jefferson JR

STATS: State 27th (75, 85); 39 9-hole AVG; 78.8 18-hole AVG

Smith Caudell – Habersham JR

STATS: Area 6th (77); State Sectionals 13th (79); 37.9 9-hole AVG; 75.8 18-hole AVG

Charles Daniel – Habersham JR

STATS: Area 8th (78); State Sectionals 10th (78); State 52nd (85, 80); 39.4 9-hole AVG; 78.7 18-hole AVG

Daniel Griggs – Union


Connor Horton – Rabun JR

STATS: State 7th (74, 79); 37 9-hole AVG; 76 18-hole AVG

Garrett Horton – Rabun JR

STATS: Region 8th (78); State 7th (82, 71); 36 9-hole AVG; 75 18-hole AVG

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

Andrew Hughes – Dawson

STATS: State 9th (79, 75)

Henry Sharpton – Commerce JR

STATS: Area 3rd; State 12th (87, 78)

Braedon Gay – Union JR

STATS: Region (88)

Alex Hughes – Dawson

STATS: State 12th (76, 83)

Jameson Wall – Jefferson

STATS: State 15th (76, 78)

Micah Webb – Jefferson SR

STATS: Jackson Co Co-Champ (35); State 11th (72, 80); 37.9 9-hole AVG; 78.3 18-hole AVG

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