The Longest Game…

Records likely were broken, or close to it when the Stephens County Indians played a 14-inning game on March 23 against Oconee County in Watkinsville.

It was a huge region showdown, opening up a 3-game series between the 8-AAA foes. Stephens County won the epic marathon by a 13-7 score.

The game was tied at 5 apiece after 7 official innings were in the books. Neither team could scratch across a run in the 8th through 11th. Then in the 12th, both sides plated a single run. It remained tied at 6-6 until the 14th. Stephens County exploded for 7 runs, led by a Ben Stowe Grand Slam Homerun.

The game featured everything from a would-be game-winning run thrown out at the plate, an outfield catch that turned into a double play ending one of the extra innings, and the dramatic slam by Stowe. The Indians were led at the plate by junior Carson Worley and junior Cruz Mullinix. Senior Ian Rumsey picked the win on the mound. Perhaps best of all was the length of the game – 5 hours and 15 minutes.

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

“The game was a rollercoaster of emotions throughout, from the brink of losing and winning on several occasions to sure relief of the wining and simply finishing the game after over 5 hours,” states coach Greg McCall. “Credit to our kids for never giving up and simply pushing through the mental and physical trials of the game.”

Among the crazy numbers associated with a game of this length includes 69 plate appearances and Stephens County pitchers throwing 238 pitches. Oconee had 65 batters come to the plate, and threw 281 pitches of its own. Most of the starters for each team that stayed in had 7or 8 at bats for the game.

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