Commerce Football Coach Michael Brown Resigns

Commerce Tigers football coach Michael Brown has stepped down as football coach, as the news broke on Tuesday morning.

Brown penned a letter with the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:1 – “there is an occasion for everything, and for every activity under heaven.”

Brown suggested in his letter that he is resigning as football coach of Commerce and will be accepting a job “elsewhere” next year in a lesser role.

The early rumors surfacing and circulating, according to some sources, are that he may be heading to Jefferson.

Brown is a Commerce native and graduated in the Class of 1992. Since the 2013 season at Commerce, when Brown took over, Commerce has compiled a 73-25 record. The Tigers made the playoffs all of those seasons, and were Region Champions in 2014 and 2020, and advanced to the quarterfinals or deeper 5 times, including a Semifinals run in 2014. His playoff mark at Commerce is 10-8.

This marks a huge blow to Commerce, as wherever Brown goes, his All-State freshman son Sammy Brown (1,368 rush yds, 14 TD; 181 rec yds, 4 TD; 192 KO ret yds) is going as well.

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