GACA Names All-State Players, Dozens of Locals Earn Distinction

The 2020 football season ended awhile ago, but the accolades and recognition continues to pour in. Here are the local players by classification to make the list.


RB – Sammy Brown – Commerce FR
OL – Payton Freeman – Commerce SR
K – Eryck Diaz – Commerce SR
LB – Elijah Burns – Commerce SR


Offensive POY – QB – Gunner Stockton – Rabun County JR
RB – Lang Windham – Rabun County SO
OL – Will McCraw – Rabun County JR
OL – Bear Old – Rabun County JR
WR – Adriel Clark – Rabun County SR
DL – Chris Thompson – Rabun County JR
LB – Will Turpin – Rabun County JR
DB – Hunter Moore – Rabun County JR
RET – Cory Keller – Rabun County SO


QB – J Ben Haynes – White County SR
OL – Devin Sullens – White County SR
K – Caleb Bonesteel – Dawson County SR
WR – Gamarion Carter – Stephens County SR


Offensive POY – QB Malaki Starks – Jefferson JR
RB – Jordan Perry – Jefferson JR
DL – Paxton Corkery – Jefferson SR
DL – Kadin Bailey – Jefferson JR
LB – Rem Maxwell – Jefferson SR
RET – Kam Robinson – Jefferson SR


QB – Joshua Pickett – Habersham Central SR

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