From ‘Hunter to Hunted’ – Lady Warriors Aiming High [VIDEO]

It wasn’t long ago that the White County Lady Warriors were slow out of the gate, collecting a 1-6 record over the first seven games. While a bit surprising, most around the program knew it was just a matter of time before the girls turned things around.

“We started off pretty rocky,” says senior Maddie Futch. “We were missing a lot of people. Now that they’re all back, I feel like we got over that hump. We’ve just been playing together as a team, and it’s just been really good for us.”

Fast forward, and the team is having an unbelievable season, currently standing at 11-7 overall, and more importantly, 10-1 in Region 7-AAA. That’s good enough for the top spot going into February 5’s game against powerhouse Lumpkin. White County is ranked #8 in the state to boot, but the team wisely isn’t buying its own press.

“They want the respect because we came off a good year last year making the Sweet 16,” says coach Jarvis Davenport. “We trusted the process…and plugged along right there, and we got ranked, and that’s all well and good. But the final ranking is the one that matters the most. It’s not about how you start, but how you finish.”

As Davenport coins it, his program is going from “hunter to hunted” as White County continues to put itself in the midst of the best in the state.

The way the girls have played within region has been phenomenal, and the return after injury of star and recent UNG signee Dasha Cannon.

“It’s amazing because every game is different,” says Cannon. “We go in thinking that we are going to leave everything out on the court.”

Heading into 2020-21, it was a given that Cannon and Futch would lead this team, but throw in young girls like Caitlyn Gailey and Maci Shelnut to name a couple, and this team is as dangerous and balanced as any other.

“It’s fun because those youngsters have been watching those seniors,” says Davenport. “Programs start from a spot then they build or they start there and then die. I don’t want to die, I want to build. That’s why our roster is always big.”

With the Lady Warriors sitting pretty atop the region standings, there’s still work to be done to accomplish what they have set out to do.

“We want to win region,” states Davenport. “It’s still out there, still an option. We want to get into the state and try to go to the championship game and go out there and win it.”

Digital Copy of Interview – Jarvis Davenport

Digital Copy of Interview – Jarvis Davenport


Digital Copy of Interview – Dasha Cannon & Maddie Futch

Digital Copy of Interview – Dasha Cannon & Maddie Futch


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