Football Play of the Year comes down to the final vote!

We’ve undergone a few rounds of voting to get to this point, and now we are down to our final two squaring off for the bragging rights of Play of the Year! Below are the results from the Semifinals round, and links to vote for the Play of the Year!

Vote from now until December 19 for the final tally! This marks the second straight year that #1 faces #2 in a true battle for what we thought were the best plays we saw this season. #2 (Pickett) edged #5 (Robinson) by a SINGLE VOTE.


#1 (Thomas 95-yd KO return TD to open season) vs #6 (Hicks back-of-end-zone TD)
RESULT: #1 Thomas 1,018 votes, #6 Hicks 945 votes

#2 (Pickett diving TD) vs #5 (Robinson 60-yd punt return TD)
RESULT: #2 Pickett 248 votes, #13 Thomas 247 votes


#1 (Thomas 95-yd season-opening kickoff return TD) vs #2 (Pickett diving TD catch)

Here are the plays up for the final vote:

#1: Shawn Thomas season-opening 95-yd kickoff return for TD

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

#2: Joshua Pickett diving TD catch from Ryte Woodruff


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