Rabun’s Beck & Stockton, Stephens’ Spurlock & Union’s Allison named Players of the Week

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6,000-plus voted in the Player of the Week Fan Vote, and it was Brison Beck (Rabun) yet again who took the top number of votes for his second straight Player of the Week award.

Beck tallied 2,799 votes, edging him past Sawyer Drake and Kyle Morlock, who as a combo collected over 2,300 votes. BLITZ picks for Player of the Week were Rabun QB Gunner Stockton and Stephens County RB Hudson Spurlock. Union County QB Pierson Allison also earned the honors.

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Brison Beck 2 - Rabun

Beck earned his second consecutive award with another stellar outing. In a blowout win over Oglethorpe, Beck notched another two touchdowns to his resume with 144 rushing yards, all on 13 first-half carries. That’s good for 11.1 yards per carry in a game that he played just one half.  In the past three games, Beck has rushed for about 360 yards and 9 TDs…that’s ELITE.

The senior now is perhaps a few carries away from 1,000 on the season, as he currently has 952 with 16 TD, and 157 receiving yards with another TD.

2018: 952 rush yds, 16 TD; 157 rec yds, 1 TD

CAREER: 1,675 rush yds, 24 TD; 296 rec yds, 4 TD

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Gunner Stockton 4 - Rabun

Yes, Gunner Stockton earns ANOTHER Player of the Week award. Call it what you want, we don’t care. We’ve NEVER seen a freshman put up these kind of numbers. If you saw his passing yards from a blowout win over Oglethorpe (94 yards), you’d say that’s nothing. But you have to see that he played just two quarters (as he has in nearly every game this season), and of his eight completions, five went for touchdowns…FIVE!

And his sole rushing attempt also found the end zone. Find us someone else who scored six first half touchdowns…you won’t. Stockton was 8-of-13 passing for the game (62%) for 94 yards and 5 TD, three to Braxton Hicks, and a single rush for five yards for a score.

Stockton’s fourth award this season brings him to 1,924 passing yards on the year with 23 TD to just 4 INT, all while completing 67% of his passes. He has 471 rushing yards and another 11 TD. He could easily have way bigger numbers, but in the last two games has only run the ball twice combined, and as mentioned he rarely plays a full three quarters, let alone a full game.

2018: 1,924 pass yds, 23 TD, 4 INT // 471 rush yds, 11 TD

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Hudson Spurlock - Stephens

Hudson Spurlock has had his share of ups and downs this season, but this past week has been incredible. His efforts in a playoff-clinching win over Madison County was one to behold.

The junior ran with reckless abandon for a hard-fought 117 yards on 23 carries (5.1 yards per try) and found the end zone four times. He also notched an 85-yard kickoff return for a TD to open the second half and put the game away. For the game, he totaled 117 rushing yards and 100 return yards. Spurlock’s 2018 campaign consists of 599 rushing yards and 10 TD, as well as 77 receiving yards.

He has four 100-yard games, including now two straight, and then some games that were a bit more tough-going, such as 11 yards versus Athens Academy, 14 versus Rabun County and 27 versus Oconee County. He was also suspended a game and a half for an on-field penalty, so lost some stats there and didn’t play from September 14 until October 12 as Stephens County had two bye weeks in a row.

2018: 599 rush yds, 10 TD (6.4 YPC) / 77 rec yds
CAREER: 621 rush yds, 11 TD (6.3 YPC) / 82 rec yds / 7 TKL, 2 INT / 1 KO ret TD



Pierson Allison 3 - Union

Allison earns his third such award this season as well with a similar outing to Stockton (see above). The junior QB is the top passer in Class 2A in terms of yardage. In this recent win over Social Circle, Allison played just one half and blew up the defense with 341 passing yards (9-for-11 passing) with 4 TD, and added a rushing TD among 19 yards.

The 341 was his second-highest ever in a single game, as he threw for 400 against Elbert County earlier this season. He has yet to throw for less than 147 yards, and only once collected less than 223. He now has 2,474 passing yards (tops in Class 2A, 6th overall in the state), with 20 TD against just 3 INT. He’s completed 69% of his passes (146/211).

Allison also has 597 rushing yards (9.6 yards/carry) and 8 TD for the 9-0, undefeated Panthers.

2018: 2,474 pass yds, 20 TD, 3 INT (69% passing) / 597 rush yds, 8 TD
CAREER: 2,770 pass yds, 24 TD, 3 INT (69% passing) / 637 rush yds, 10 TD 

Feature Photo by Daniel Purcell / Now Habersham

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  • How were Morlock and Drake overlooked considering they were in second place behind Beck????


    • They weren’t overlooked. They were up for vote and didn’t generate enough to win. The Fan Vote Player of the Week is the winner (in this case Brison Beck). BLITZ then picks who we feel deserves POW as well for that given week. We don’t simply pick the next highest vote-getter. The Fan Vote is public and people can vote as often as they want. We don’t gauge our subsequent pick based on the voting tally.

      We can’t be accused of overlooking Morlock and/or Drake…we’ve had them on the public vote MANY times this season and continue to sing their praise as they are great receivers


  • Gotcha


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