Game of the Week Preview: Rabun vs Stephens

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Our game of the week is Rabun County vs Stephens County in a Week 3 matchup. This one was an easy pick for us as Game of the Week because it’s two of our local programs playing, but also it’s an intriguing setup as these two schools are very close but haven’t played a ton over their history (eight matchups since 1951). It’s also the first game for Rabun at home since the 2017 State Championship game, so it’s the first look of the Cats for us since then, as well as the first look for many of the Rabun County Wildcat Nation!


The Wildcats rebounded in Week 1 from a disappointing loss at the Erk Russell Classic at Georgia Southern in Week 0 to open the season. It was the first regular season loss for Rabun in three years. However, Lee Shaw’s soldiers came out gunning against North Murray. The offense put up 52 points. The defense allowed 42, but two TDs came on late kickoff return TDs with a secondary unit on the coverage. A turnover also gave the opponents a short field, so the game was closer by score than it really was. Nevertheless, this matchup should give us more insight on how quickly the Cats are learning from their early miscues.


SKINNY AD - DCMM GIFThe Indians are off to a solid start, and the first two games especially were fought tooth and nail to the very end. This proves to be the toughest game yet for Stephens County, so call it a litmus test in seeing exactly how good Wesley Tankersley’s team is.


Be looking for highlights post-game late tonight as well as a story recapping WEEK 3. BLITZ will also share highlights with Fox 5’s HIGH 5 Sports, so the highlights will play on Channel 5 at 11 PM.

2019 Jacky Jones GIF


Rabun County should light up the scoreboard in its home-opener in Tiger. Stephens County will hold its own at times, and this game makes it even tougher. RABUN WINS


TIME: 7:30 pm kickoff
PLACE: Frank Snyder Stadium / Rabun County High School / Tiger, GA
LAST MEETING: 2017; Wildcats 28, Indians 6
ALL-TIME RECORD: Rabun County 4, Stephens County 4
RECORDS: Rabun Co Wildcats (1-1; 0-0 in 8-AA); Stephens Co Indians (2-1; 0-0 in 7-AAAA)

2019 Bob & Teds GIF


In eight all-time meetings, we’re split down the middle here. In recent memory, it’s Rabun County with wins in 2017 (28-6) and 2016 (24-10). In the Frank Synder era for the Wildcats, Stephens County won four of the other six matchups, including four in a row in 1954, 55, 58 and 59.

Here are highlights from the 2016 edition of the Rabun/Stephens series:

SEP 2, 2016 – #6 Rabun Co 24, #10 Stephens Co 10

Crump GIF 2018
TEAM LEADERS (2018 STATS as available / Projected Leaders)


Gunner Stockton: 34/48 (71%), 370 yds, 4 TD, 1 INT

Brison Beck: 273 yds, 4 TD, 7.2 YPC
Gunner Stockton: 82 yds
Austin Jones: 23 yds

Braxton Hicks: 113 yds, 3 TD, 7 rec
Austin Jones: 104 yds, 9 rec
Dawson Lathan: 28 yds, 1 TD, 5 rec

Jackson Webb: 10 TKL, 2 TFL, 5 SACKS
Zach Ferguson: 15 TKL, 2 TFL, 1 SACK
Austin Jones: 13 TKL, 2 TFL
Austin Sosebee: 10 TKL, 2 TFL, 2 SACKS, Forced Fum
Phillip Roberson: 16 TKL, 5 TFL, 5 SACKS, Fum Rec
Trent Miller: 18 TKL, 2 TFL


Kenny Colwell: 12/29 (41%) 225 yds, 1 TD, 2 INT

Hudson Spurlock: 179 yds, 1 TD, 5.8 YPC
MJ Jones: 109 yds
Kamon Taylor: 104 yds
Ty Kellar: 63 yds

Gamarion Carter: 142 yds, 1 TD, 7 rec
Kamon Taylor: 31 yds, 2 rec

Charles Cochran: 22 TKL, Fum Rec
Demarkus Knox: 17 TKL, 2 SACKS, Fum Rec, Forced Fum
Grant Dye: 15 TKL
Nikko Beady: 13 TKL, 1 SACK, 1 INT
Kamon Taylor: 13 TKL
Hudson Spurlock: 6 TKL, 2 INT

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