State Leaderboard: Seven players on the board highlighted by the late Elijah Dewitt

Entering Week Eight, the official state leaderboard by the AJC and Georgia High School Football Daily (GHSFD) published the fifth edition of state leaders. In those, 7 local players (last week featured 8, 11 the week before, 9 the prior week, and the previous week 8) made the cut. Though all 7 players are worthy of the notarioty, it’s especially emotional to have Elijah Dewitt (Jefferson) on the leaderboard one last time after he was tragically murdered on Wednesday. The star WR was fielding plenty of offers including at the D-I level, and had been a top-10 receiver in the state in yardage this season. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Elijah’s family, friends, and the Jefferson community.

RUSHING LEADERS (min 700 yds)

STATE LEADER – Nick Woodford – Northeast – 1,317 yds

  • Andrew Shockley (Banks County) – 980 yds (14th; high of 9th)
  • Jaiden Daniels (Commerce) – 884 yds (21st; high of 31st)
  • Sammy Brown (Jefferson) – 737 yds (39th; high of 16th)

CLOSE (330+): Javin Gordon (Stephens County) – 635 yds; Mason Sullens (Lumpkin County; high of 59th) – 612 yds; Blayden Rader (Union County) – 425 yds; Lang Windham (Rabun County) – 402 yds; Tysean Wiggins (Commerce) – 369 yds; Kade Moledor (Dawson County) – 367 yds; Seth Gillis (Towns County) – 357 yds;Tripp Nix (White County) – 339 yds

PASSING LEADERS (min 1,000 yds)

STATE LEADER – Tate Morris – McIntosh – 1,860 yds

  • Keegan Stover (Rabun County) – 1,796 yds (2nd; high of 2nd; current Class 1A DI leader)

CLOSE (500+): Caiden Tanner (Union County; high of 23rd) – 974 yds; Cooper Scott (Lumpkin County) – 929 yds; Max Aldridge (Jefferson) – 865 yds; Ben Stowe (Stephens County; high of 70th) – 828 yds; Connor Chastain (Towns County) – 572 yds; Davis Glass (Dawson County) – 539 yds; Caine Griffith (Banks County) – 519 yds; Cooper Smith (Habersham Central) – 506 yds


STATE LEADER – Jaden Gibson – Rabun County – 958 yds

  • Jaden Gibson (Rabun County) – 958 yds (1st; high of 1st; current Class 1A-DI & overall state leader)
  • Eljiah Dewitt (Jefferson) – 594 yds (15th; high of 9th)
  • Zeke Whittington (Habersham Central) – 567 yds (21st; high of 18th)

CLOSE (345+): Cal Faulkner (Lumpkin County) – 418 yds; Dom LeBlanc (Dawson County) – 367 yds (high of 46th); Cam Lacy (Stephens County) – 362 yds (high of 44th); Noah Legault (Rabun County) – 356 yds; Jensen Goble (Union County) – 347 yds (high of 50th)

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