BLITZ Preseason Predictions: Statistical Leaders

With our 2022 season on the immediate horizon, we opened up the voting polls for the public to determine who they think will lead in passing, rushing, and receiving yards, as well as tackles/sacks/interceptions (scroll to bottom). Regardless of those voting results, here’s who we think ends up leading in the various categories. NOTE – these are educated guesses based on prior experience, discussions with coaches, and gut feeling.


  • Passing Yards – Keegan Stover (Rabun County)
  • Passing TD – Ben Stowe (Stephens County)
  • QB Total Yards Pass+Rush – Carson Parker (Habersham Central)
  • QB Total TD – Ben Stowe (Stephens County)
  • QB TD:INT Ratio – Keegan Stover (Rabun County)
  • Rushing Yards – Jaiden Daniels (Commerce)
  • Rushing TD – Sammy Brown (Jefferson)
  • RB Total Yards Rush+Receiving – Lang Windham (Rabun County)
  • RB Total TD – Lang Windham (Rabun County)
  • Yards Per Carry – Sammy Brown (Jefferson)
  • Receiving Yards – Jaden Gibson (Rabun County)
  • Receiving TD – Jaden Gibson (Rabun County)
  • Receptions – Jaden Gibson (Rabun County)
  • Yards Per Reception – Cam Lacy (Stephens County)


  • Tackles – Kade Moledor (Dawson County)
  • Sacks – Cade Adams (Dawson County)
  • Interceptions – Cam Lacy (Stephens County)


  • Offensive Points Scored (Most) – Rabun County
  • Defensive Points Allowed (Fewest) – Jefferson
  • Turnovers Created – Stephens County
  • Shutouts – Jefferson
  • Biggest Turnaround – Lumpkin County (2 wins in ’21 to 6 wins in ’22)
  • Team Wins (Most) – Tie: Rabun County, Stephens County, Jefferson
  • Region Champions – Rabun County (8-A DI), Stephens County (8-AAA), Jefferson (8-AAAAA)
  • State Second Round or Deeper – Dawson County, Jefferson, Rabun County, Stephens County
  • State Playoffs – Commerce, Dawson County, Habersham Central, Jefferson, Lumpkin County, Rabun County, Stephens County, Union County, White County
  • Best Game: Rabun County vs Stephens County (WK 2)

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