Garnto, LeCave win ‘Last Finalist’ spots after fan vote

After narrowing down a list of golfers to just six girls finalists and six boys finalists, we opened it up for a public vote to add the LAST FINALIST on each side. 5,818 votes were logged in total for the girls, and 5,031 of those were in favor of Dawson County’s Anna LeCave. For the boys, 1,123 total votes came in, and Commerce’s Trey Garnto (844) earned the ‘Last Finalist’ spot.

The finalists are now set. For the girls, it’s Mercades Housman (Lumpkin), Katherine Law (Jefferson), Anna LeCave (Dawson), Macy Murdock (Tallulah Falls), Jada Pittman (Jefferson), Shelby Speed (Banks), and Ermay Vazquez (Commerce). The boys are: Brad Chosewood (Habersham), Trey Garnto (Commerce), Turner Grimmett (Rabun), Lambdin Hardy (Commerce), Buck Ledford (Banks), Matthew Schroeder (Jefferson), and Cam Wilson (White).


  • Mercades Housman (Lumpkin SR): 3A State 8th in Long Jump & 10th in Triple Jump; Region 7-AAA Champion in Long Jump & Triple Jump
  • Katherine Law (Jefferson SR): 4A State Runner-Up in 3200 & 3rd in 1600; Region 8-AAAA Champion in 1600 & 3200
  • Anna LeCave (Dawson SO): 3A State 4th in 4×400 Relay, 6th in 800 & 4×800 Relay; Region 7-AAA Champion in 4×400 Relay, Region Runner-Up in 4×800 Relay & 3rd in 800; PRs: 800 (2:25)
  • Macy Murdock (Tallulah Falls SR): 1A Private State RU in 300 MH; 4th in 100 MH; 7th in 4×200 Relay; 8th in 4×400 Relay; Area Champion in 100 MH & 300 MH & 4×400 Relay; Area RU in 4×200 Relay; PRs: 100 MH (15.55), 300 MH (45.32), 400 MH (1:06)
  • Jada Pittman (Jefferson SR): 4A State Champion in Long Jump & 5th in 100; Region 8-AAAA Champion in 100, Long Jump & Triple Jump
  • Shelby Speed (Banks JR): 2A State Runner-Up in Discus; Region 8-AA Champion in Discus (133-05 School Record/PR) & Shot Put
  • Ermay Vazquez (Commerce JR): 1A Public State Runner-Up in 3200 & 4th in 1600; Region 8-A Champion in 1600 & 3200


  • Brad Chosewood (Habersham Central SO): 6A State 7th in Shot Put & 8th in Discus; Region 8-AAAAAA Champion in Discus & 3rd in Shot Put; PRs: Discus (162-11) & Shot Put (50-7)
  • Trey Garnto (Commerce): Region 8-A Champion in 110 MH & Runner-Up in 300 MH
  • Turner Grimmett (Rabun SR): 2A State 7th in 110 MH & 10th in Triple Jump; Region 8-AA Champion in Triple Jump, 110 MH & 300 MH
  • Lambdin Hardy (Commerce SR): 1A Public State Champion in Pole Vault; Area Champion in Pole Vault; 2nd consecutive state championship in PV (RU in 2019); PR (15-0)
  • Buck Ledford (Banks SR): 2A State Runner-Up in 800, 3rd in 4×800 Relay, 4th in 1600 & 5th in 3200; Region 8-AA Champion in 1600 & 3200, Region Runner-Up in 800 & 4×800 Relay
  • Matthew Schroeder (Jefferson SR): 4A State Champion in 800 (1:54 PR) & 1600 (4:22 PR); State Runner-Up in 4×800 Relay; Region 8-AAAA Champion in 800 & 1600
  • Cam Wilson (White SO): 3A State 5th in 200 & 7th in 100; Region 7-AAA Champion in 100 & 200, Region Runner-Up in 4×100 Relay & 4×400 Relay; PRs: 100 (10.98) & 200 (22.40)



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