What’s next for Rabun County football?

The Jaybo Shaw reign is over at Rabun County with his announcement on Monday of leaving for the Wayne County head coaching job. Is it the end of an era in Tiger? Yes. The past decade is no doubt the ‘Golden Age’ of Rabun County football.

With a Shaw not heading up the program for the first time since 2011, it undoubtedly represents a crossroads for one of the state’s top programs over the past 10 seasons. While there’s a lot that ends, there’s still something to get excited about coming back next year. Who will Rabun bring back? Who replaces (using that word loosely) Gunner Stockton and his production at QB? One thing is clear – it’s the end of an era, and for the dynasty to continue, Rabun County as a school system must get the next step right. From here, we offer a very deep dive into what impact this has on the Wildcats program, what to expect moving forward, etc. Log in or subscribe to see the answers to these questions: How good was this dynasty? Why did Jaybo leave? What should Rabun County do now? Who’s coming back? What is the new expectation?

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