Scott, Hare, Pierce, LeCave, McClure all named LAST FINALISTS for fall sports

We left it up to the public to determine the LAST FINALIST for all fall sports. After roughly 142,000 total votes, the public has determined the winners.

NOW, the public has a way to VOTE (BLITZ Exclusive Members Only) to help determine POY winners! See below!


These finalists were already up for POY:

  • Sammy Brown – Jefferson
  • Darius Cannon – White Co
  • Jaden Gibson – Rabun Co
  • Cam Lacy – Stephens Co
  • Kyle Oakes – Towns Co
  • Gunner Stockton – Rabun Co

With 5,482 votes, Lumpkin County JR QB Cooper Scott joins the finalists.


These finalists were already up for POY :

  • Layne Bailey – Dawson Co
  • Sierra Burnette – Union Co
  • Carson Hobbs – Commerce
  • Taylor Spivey – Jefferson
  • Taylor Wade – Habersham Central
  • Gabby Whiddon – White Co

With 22,022 votes, Emma Hare, a White County freshman, earned the last finalist spot.


These finalists were already up for POY:

  • Olivia Burrage – Jefferson
  • Abby Donaldson – Habersham Central
  • Sarah Jennings – Tallulah Falls
  • Jadelyn McClure – Banks Co
  • Abby Felkai – Dawson Co
  • Kiersta Trammell – Lumpkin Co

Lumpkin County junior Lexi Pierce joins the finalists after grabbing 8,013 votes.


These finalists were already up for POY:

  • Paden Bell – Commerce
  • Nealeigh Broadwell – White Co
  • Abbie Hilchie – Lumpkin Co
  • Audrey Hotard – Habersham Central
  • Katherine Law – Jefferson
  • Molly Jo Wright – Rabun Co

Dawson County’s Anna LeCave joins the class with 35,888 votes, edging out Emma Lightsey (32,961 votes).


These finalists were already up for POY:

  • Buck Ledford – Banks Co
  • Evan Prince – Tallulah Falls
  • Grady Sanders – Stephens Co
  • Matthew Schroeder – Jefferson
  • Ethan Smith – Dawson Co

Commerce’s Peyton McClure won the public vote to join them after collecting 3,367 votes.

WHAT’S NEXT? BLITZ Exclusive Members get a chance to have their vote for Player of the Year

READ CAREFULLY: Now that the finalists are determined, it goes to voting. Our internal voting panel will vote Heisman-style for the winner for each fall sport. BLITZ Exclusive Members have a way to get their own vote in, though their vote won’t weigh as heavily as the internal panel. BLITZ Exclusive Members can cast their vote on who they think should win it. All Exclusive voters’ votes will be tallied up. Whoever has the most first-place votes (among all Exclusive voters) will then be granted a total of 2 first-place votes to be tallied in with our internal panel. VOTING ENDS DEC 2 at 10 AM

EXAMPLE: 100 BLITZ Exclusive Voters vote for Football Player of the Year. 59 votes go to John Smith. John Smith will then be given 2 1st-place votes in our Heisman voting for POY.



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