Crystal Ball: Round Two Predictions

We began with 8 local football teams making the postseason. After the first round of games, only 3 have survived to see the next round. Here are the matchups:

#1 Rabun County vs #2 Jeff Davis
#2 Dawson County @ #1 Pierce County
#4 Stephens County @ #1 Burke County

Rabun plays at home in a top-10 matchup, while Dawson has the unenviable task of taking on powerhouse Pierce after a LONG bus ride. Stephens, while a #4, is looking to show that it is the best 4-seed in the state. Below are the predictions and in-depth insight for each team. We are giving actual score projections as well.

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The Others

#1 Buford vs #3 Lovejoy
#1 Cherokee Bluff vs #2 Appling County
#1 Denmark vs #2 Grayson
#3 Flowery Branch @ #1 Perry


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