Competition cheer set for regionals

Sectionals/regional meets are here for competition cheer. We take a look over the local programs and how they’ve been scoring leading up.


The Lady Tigers have competed in 4 events leading up to this point, and average a 71.625 in their routine. Their week 5 score of 81 remains the highest of the season for them, though in Week 7 they scored a 79.5, right on par.


In 6 events thusfar, the Lady Tigers have been exceptional. Their 78.83 average score is testament to that. While they’ve been solid all season, they seem to get better as it goes on. Their last 2 competitions were a 90.5 an d 92.5. If they continue that trend, look out!


The Lady Raiders average score is 59. After the first 2 competitions resulting in less than a 60, the last 3 have been 63, 69, and 60. There is definite improvement for this group heading into the regionals.


Jefferson has an average score of 94.5, which is insanely good. The Lady Dragons haven’t competed in the last several weeks officially, but they appear ready to dominate other squads at regionals and state.


Stephens has an average score of 76.2. The last 2 competitions have been their best to date, scoring a 79.5 and 83.5. That trend is coming at the right time.

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