State Leaderboard Update: 11 locals on the board for final edition

The official state leaderboard by Georgia HS Football Daily (SUBSCRIBE HERE) is first published after Week Three. Today marked the tenth and final leaderboard. The most local players to make the list was 12 in the fourth edition of the leaderboard. This week, 11 players are featured on the board.

Dawson, Rabun, Towns, and White each have 2 apiece. Commerce, Stephens, and Union each have one. The highest-ranking individuals are Rabun’s Gunner Stockton (1st in passing) and Jaden Gibson (1st in receiving) and Dawson County’s Bailey Dameron (5th in receiving). Both Stockton and Gibson lead their respective classes and the entire state.

Rushing Leaders (minimum 1,000 yds)

State Leader – Rob Brown – Trion – 2,008 yds

5th – 1,648 – Kyle Oakes – Towns County (Season High: 2nd) (former Class 1A Public Leader)
25th – 1,327 – Jaiden Daniels – Commerce (Season High: 22nd)
72nd – 1,039 – Silas Mulligan – White County (Season High: 12th)

Close (650+yds): Tyson Everett (Stephens Co; 823 yds; SEASON HIGH – 46th); Sammy Brown (Jefferson; 753 yds; SEASON HIGH – 41st); Dreylan Martin (Commerce; 746 yds); Lang Windham (Rabun Co; 663 yds); Gunner Stockton (Rabun Co; 630 yds); Simarcus Burney (Habersham Central; 669 yds)

Passing Leaders (minimum 1,750 yds)

State Leader – Gunner Stockton – Rabun County – 3,228 yds

1st – 3,228 – Gunner Stockton – Rabun County (Season High: 1st) (Class 2A Leader) (overall State Leader)
50th – 1,875 – Logan Helcher – Union County (Season High: 39th)
54th – 1,844 – Zach Holtzclaw – Dawson County (Season High: 32nd)

Close (1,000+yds): Ben Stowe (Stephens Co; 1,398; SEASON HIGH: 22nd); Tripp Nix (White Co; 1,314 yds); Carson Parker (Habersham Central; 1,300 yds); Connor Chastain (Towns Co; 1,175 yds); Cooper Scott (Lumpkin Co; 1,076 yds)

Receiving Leaders (minimum 700 yds)

State Leader – Jaden Gibson – Rabun County – 1,497 yds

1st – 1,497 – Jaden Gibson – Rabun County (Season High: 1st) (Class 2A Leader) (overall State Leader)
5th – 1,050 – Bailey Dameron – Dawson County (Season High: 3rd) (former Class 3A leader)
29th – 836 – Cam’ron Lacy – Stephens County (Season High: 3rd ) (former Class 3A Leader)
43rd – 785 – Darius Cannon – White County (Season High: 22nd)
59th – 713 – Collin Crowder – Towns County (Season High: 18th)

Close (450+yds): Zeke Whittington (Habersham Central; 631 yds); Ethan Clark (Rabun Co; 530 yds; SEASON HIGH: 54th); Griff Young (Union Co; 490 yds); Keyton Chitwood (Union Co; 481 yds); Caleb Wade (Habersham Central; 466 yds); Baxley O’Brien (Rabun Co; 457 yds); Lang Windham (Rabun Co; 454 yds); Corey Richie (Stephens Co; 454 yds)

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