Jefferson remains unbeaten against War Eagles

CHAZ MULLIS – The Chestatee offense was allowed only one possession to get past the 50-yard line during the first half in a crushing defeat against the Jefferson Dragons.

The Dragons’ offense seemed unphased by the absence of QB Malaki Starks, who was out of action due to an injury, as was star Sammy Brown.

Plays by a wide number of the Jefferson players contributed to a solid 41-7 win. Tre Reece started things off for the Dragons with TD from the 10-yard line. Jamarcus Hill recovered the ball for a 12-yard TD after a recovery from a fumbled Chestatee play.

A handoff to Reece knocked in a 58-yard TD shortly after, putting Jefferson ahead at 20-0. Jordan Perry and Isaiah Copeland both contributed 20-yard TDs in the final minutes of the first quarter, solidifying the game much in favor of the Dragons at 34-0. 

After Chestatee fell short of a TD attempt early in the quarter, Jefferson answered back with a final 29-yard TD by Kadin Bailey. Chestatee would score later in the game, ending the matchup with yet another Jefferson win at 41-7. 

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