Dawson secures crucial victory at White County

CHAZ MULLIS – Both the Tigers (1-3) and the Warriors (1-3) sought a victory on Friday night to add on a much-needed boost to their lackluster season starts. Dawson County made a win come to fruition in the form of a field goal that ended the matchup barely in the Tigers’ favor at 31-28.

Meanwhile, both teams’ offenses made the game a nail-biting watch, with White’s Bryson Cronic and Darius Cannon and Dawson’s Bailey Dameron exchanging outstanding plays. 

The Warriors got the ball rolling in the 1st with a 20-yard TD pass to Cannon from Tripp Nix. Dawson’s Conley Dyer responded with a 43-yard running TD that tied the game up 7-7. Cronic broke the tie for White County with a TD after a 36-yard pass, ending the 1st at 14-7.

Dawson’s Dameron scored the only points in the 2nd quarter with another long winded 45-yard TD, tying the game once again at 14-14 off the pass by Zach Holtzclaw. 

White County got back on top around the middle of the third with a 14-yard TD pass to Cannon. Cronic claimed an interception shortly after and later ran in a 1-yard TD, putting the Warriors up 28-14. Dawson responded towards the end of the third with a massive 78-yard Dameron TD catch from Holtzclaw and a 40-yard TD pass from Holtzclaw to Braedon Hubbard, tying the game for the final time at 28-28.

Around the last 30 seconds of the matchup, the Tigers broke the scoreless suspense in the four with a clutch field goal attempt by Dom LeBlanc, ending the game at 31-28 in favor of Dawson.

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