Jackson County Proves No Match Against Stephens


The Stephens County Indians made quick work of the Jackson County Panthers on Friday night, resulting at 29-12 at the final whistle.

Performances by the Indians’ Cam’ron Lacy accounted for a good portion of their success. 

The Stephens County defense got the ball rolling for the Indians with a 40-yard interception TD by Vadole Fleming. Jackson County’s response came in the form of Trey Ransom with a 20-yard TD, ending the first quarter at 7-6.

The Indians’ Lacy profited off of a punt return at the beginning of the second quarter with an 83-yard TD. The Panthers’ QB Connor Bejin made a 1-yard push into the end zone later in the quarter, but Lacy once again responded with an excellent 60-yard TD pass, leaving the first half at 21-12. 

After a scoreless 3rd quarter, Stephens’ QB Ben Stowe ran in a 36-yard TD, ending the game at 29-12 after a successful two-point conversion from Kelton Cade.

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