September Power Rankings – Softball

We have a full month of softball in the books. That gives us enough to make some adjustments from our initial Power Rankings.


Record: 9-1 (4-1)
Last Ranking: #1

The Lady Warriors are as good as we imagined and maybe even better. East Forsyth (brand new) is the only blip on the radar so far, and could threaten White County’s chances at a region title. However, they’ve outscored opponents 65-28, showing just how balanced this group is. Wins over local teams include twice each over Rabun and Habersham, and once over both Union and Lumpkin. The girls are ranked #3 in the state.


Record: 5-2 (1-0)
Last Ranking: #3

The Lady Tigers move up after a great start that includes the bomb squad putting up 43 runs. Wins over local teams includes twice against Banks County. This team has a great deal of talent that includes (but is not limited to) Grace and Carson Hobbs, Anna Taylor, and Paige Vickery.


Record: 6-4 (1-1)
Last Ranking: #7

The Lady Raiders look good so far, outscoring foes 57-36 and are 1-1 in region play. Against local teams, Hab beat Stephens twice and once against Rabun. White County twice has bested the Lady Raiders, but Hab Central makes a big leap into the top 3.


Record: 4-4 (1-2)
Last Ranking: #2

The Lady Dragons aren’t scoring runs the way we’re used to, but it’s still early. Jefferson has plated only 28 runs against 39 allowed, but still are in a decent position at 4-4 overall. For now, they drop down a couple of spots.


Record: 4-3 (0-0)
Last Ranking: #4

The Lady Panthers have been fairly good heading up to region play. They’ve outscored opposition 35-25 over the course of 7 games, and we believe this team will be just fine. Among local teams, Union has split with Lumpkin in two games, beaten Dawson twice, and fell to White County. It’s a slight dip for Union, but they’re fine.


Record: 2-5 (0-0)
Last Ranking: #5

The Lady Leopards have 41 runs scored, which is pretty good. However, the pitching has allowed 53. It’s been a tough start, but look for Banks County to put some things together when region play begins. In litmus test games against Commerce, Banks fell both times. That puts them down slightly to #6 in our Power Rankings.


Record: 2-4 (0-0)
Last Ranking: #9

Rabun County is off to a good start offensively (33 runs scored). The Lady Cats would like to allow less than the 39 it has so far, but that’s what non-region games are for. A win locally came against Towns, and losses to White County (twice) and Habersham (once). That represents 3 very tough games. This team should be fine, and moves up a couple of spots.


Record: 2-9 (2-2)
Last Ranking: #10

Dawson County had a very rough non-region portion of the schedule, but have been okay in region play so far. The 103 runs surrendered needs to desperately move in a different direction, and 41 runs for through 11 games could use a boost. Union has beaten Dawson two times, but the Lady Tigers have bested Lumpkin. That puts them above the Lady Indians for now. By the way, if Layne Bailey keeps playing the way she has lately, this team will be on a quick rise.


Record: 3-6 (2-3)
Last Ranking: #6

The Lady Indians have split with Union this year, but dropped games to White and Dawson within region play. This team still looks like it can be a playoff team, but needs to improve on its -16 run differential. It’s a couple of spots down for Lumpkin this time.


Record: 0-7 (0-2)
Last Ranking: #8

It’s been a really rough season for Stephens County, to the tune of being outscored 69-17 through 7 games and an 0-2 start in region play. This group could use a win in a big way, and have lost twice to rivals Habersham Central. The Lady Indians drop a couple of spots in our rankings.


Record: 0-3 (0-0)
Last Ranking: #11

Towns has lost one of its games to Rabun, but with few games played so far, it’s really hard to get a real read on this team. They’ll remain here until we know more.

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