Hart County’s Lackey Pummels White County

CHAZ MULLIS – White County’s second game of the 2021 season ended in a staggering loss to the visiting Hart County Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs’ J’len Lackey made quick work of the hosting team, accounting for a good portion of the scores for Hart County. 

The Warriors’ Silas Mulligan brought in the first score of the game with a 5-yard TD pass. From then on, Hart County stole the show. Lackey scored a 2-yard run-in TD towards the end of the first quarter and proceeded to score the only two TDs of the second quarter, putting the score at 6-21 at the half. 

The Bulldogs’ Nori Moore scored a 14-yard TD pass towards the middle of the third, with Lackey running in two more TD towards the end of the quarter and near the beginning of the fourth. The Warriors were able to punch in one last score by Mulligan, who ran in a 31-yard TD. White County lost 49-13.

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