Never Have I Ever…

How about a little fun leading up to the 2021 season? Let’s take a look at each of our local programs, and give you the 3 things each team has never encountered. We’ll make this a little more interesting and take out “Win a State Title” since only Commerce (twice), Jefferson, and Stephens County can claim titles among our local teams.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be perceived as anything negative, yet more like achievements that these programs can take aim for doing or in other cases, avoid doing.

BANKS COUNTY (est. 1958)

  1. The Leopards have never truly won a playoff game. Banks has been to state 7 times, but twice has been involved in a forfeit. Once in 2020 when the Leopards bowed out, and once in 2016 when KIPP forfeited coming to Homer to play in the opening round.
  2. Banks County has never had a 10-win season. A 9-win 1985 and 1981 season is the closest the team has come, and there have been only 2 other seasons (’96-’97) when the team won 8 games.
  3. Banks has never won a region title.

COMMERCE (est. 1909)

  1. Commerce has never gone more than 6 years without going to the playoffs (dating back to the playoff era in 1961). That’s impressive.
  2. The Tigers have never had a losing streak beyond 11 games…that’s rare!
  3. The program has never had 3 straight losing seasons (w/ full 10-game schedule).

DAWSON COUNTY (est. 1967)

  1. The Tigers have never gone beyond the state quarterfinals round, getting to that game just once (2015).
  2. Dawson has never been ranked higher than #5 in a state poll.
  3. The program has never had a losing season or missed out on the playoffs under coach Sid Maxwell (’15-Present), as the team has won 48 games, a region title, and gone to state 6 times in his tenure.


  1. The Raiders have never posted 8 or more wins in 3 straight seasons. The team has twice had back-to-back 10-win seasons, however (2006-2007).
  2. Habersham has never had a one-year coaching stint. The shortest tenure was a 2-year stay for Michael Pollock (2013-2014) and Mark Fleetwood (1995-1996).
  3. Hab Central as a program has never had more than 3 straight playoff runs. The only stretch of doing it 3 times in a row was 2005-2007.

JEFFERSON (est. 1947)

  1. Jefferson has never played in back-to-back semifinals. That could change if/when the Dragons do it this year.
  2. The Dragons have never been ranked #1 in back-to-back seasons at any point. That also will change when the first official polls come out this year, more than likely.
  3. JHS has never lost a semifinals game that was played on the home field (3-0 in such games).

LUMPKIN COUNTY (est. 1961)

  1. The Indians have never won a playoff game (0-5 in history), obviously meaning they’ve also never advanced to the second round.
  2. Lumpkin has never won a region championship.
  3. The Indians have never posted a 10-win campaign. The closest was a pair of 8-win seasons (1967 and 1976).

RABUN COUNTY (est. 1949)

  1. Rabun County has never had a winless season…quite remarkable.
  2. The Wildcats have never dropped a first round playoff game on their own field. (they have dropped a home region playoff game [prior to the current state playoff setup] on the home field, such as 1989, 1982, 1977, 1962)
  3. Rabun has never failed to make the playoffs or post at least 6 wins in the Shaw (Lee and Jaybo) era (2012-Present). In that span, the program has gone to 9 straight playoffs, won 7 consecutive region titles, and won exactly 94 ball games.


  1. Stephens County has never had a coach that didn’t stick around for at least 3 years, at least going back to known records of head coaches to 1948.
  2. The Indians have never played in 3 consecutive quarterfinals, quite mind-boggling for such a historic program.
  3. SCHS, going back to 1955 (full 10-game schedules), has never had more than 4 losing seasons in a row.

TOWNS COUNTY (est. 1969)

  1. Towns County has never won a playoff game, going to only one in 2017. With that, they’ve never hosted a playoff game either.
  2. The Indians have never posted back-to-back winning seasons (having only one in their history – 2008).
  3. Towns has never been state-ranked, had a 10-win season, won a region title, or had a win streak beyond 4 games. These are goals to shoot for.

UNION COUNTY (est. 1957)

  1. The Panthers have never had a pair of 10-win seasons. The lone time was 2019.
  2. Union County never has played in a quarterfinal game.
  3. Union has never lost more than 12 straight games.

WHITE COUNTY (est. 1958)

  1. White County has never won a region championship.
  2. The Warriors have never won 10 games in a season. They have come close, winning 9 in 2013, 2010, 1980, 1975, and 1972. Could this be the year?
  3. White Co has never yet played in a quarterfinal game, nor hosted a second round game.

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