Dynamic Duo Reflects on Lasting Legacy Following State Runner-Up Finish [VIDEO]

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better 1-2 punch than what Tallulah Falls has had for the past several years in Brinson Hall and Maggie Jackson. The dynamic duo recently both placed in the top 10 individually at state to guide the Lady Indians to a State Runner-Up finish. The rare combo of high school teammates with D-I talent capped off what is nothing short of a dream season.

“It’s just been awesome,” says Hall, who placed 8th individually at state. “If you go back and kind of look at not only this season, but every season me and Maggie have been playing has been record-breaking. That’s been the thing we’ve always strived to want to push ourselves, and this season has just shown how far we’ve really tried to push ourselves. It’s awesome to see all the hard work pay off.”

Hall is a Troy University signee who has been a top-10 finisher in all 3 tries at state (COVID wiped out the 2020 season). She had five low medalist performances this season and took turns with Jackson in breaking each other’s school records.

For Jackson, the Area Championship (both as a team and individually) and her 3rd-place finish at state were the culmination of a lot of hard work.

“It’s something really special when you can really prepare yourself mentally and emotionally,” says Jackson, who became the school’s first-ever 2-time Area Champion. “Coming off the green [at state] and then after figuring out ‘okay, we’re runner-up, that’s awesome.’ “That just really shows too where our motivation was, we were just fighting for our team, but we both did good individually too…it was just icing on the cake.”

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

Jackson signed with Wofford, which had long been the top school on her list. Hall and Jackson have spent their whole career together, which makes their next steps unfamiliar yet exciting. They got a preview of the next stage in their relationship when getting to team up together shortly after state on the North All-Star Tournament team, where they defeated the South team and got a chance to play together in a different way.

“Most people don’t know that although me and Maggie are on a team, we’re competing every week to kind of push each other and get better, but with the North All-Star Tournament we got to actually work as a team more,” says Hall. “I really like that setting, because we also got to play with some girls that we’re always going head-to-head with…and get to know each other better.”

“It’s the end of an era really,” adds Jackson on what it was like walking off the green together as high school teammates for the last time at state. “When we both go off to college, we’ll meet different girls and have different coaches. It just won’t be the same. It’s the beginning of a new chapter.”

While the star golfers end their time at TFS, their legacies live on. The girls hold literally every school record, though they hope they won’t hold up long.

“I feel like we’ve just been given an awesome opportunity here at TFS,” says Jackson. “Going into the season and trying to beat our records…part of it is trying to improve our own game, but the other piece of it is making sure that ‘hey, somebody else is going to come up here and be inspired.’ I hope people come and break all of these records one day. I feel like that’s the legacy we left. Someone is going to say ‘hey, I can do that too.'”

Digital Copy of Interview – Maggie Jackson & Brinson Hall

Digital Copy of Interview – Maggie Jackson & Brinson Hall


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