Boys Tennis Player of the Year Finalists

We recently released our 10 BLITZ Boys Tennis POY Nominees, and have narrowed that down to a Finalist group of 4, which consists of Kenny Colwell (Stephens), Ronnie Jones (Banks), Jack Lowry/Chris Welch (Lumpkin), and Dawson Maney (Rabun). Now, you get to pick our Last Finalist to join the others. FAN VOTE for LAST FINALIST

What’s Next? After the Fan Vote for Last Finalist, we will take the 5 finalists and vote internally (Heisman-style) to determine POY!

Kenny Colwell – Stephens Co SR #2 Singles

Photo submitted by SC Tennis

STATS: 13-3

Ronnie Jones – Banks Co SR #2 Singles

Photo by

STATS: 14-3

Jack Lowry/Chris Welch – Lumpkin County SO/SR #1 Doubles

Photos submitted by LC Tennis

STATS: 18-2

Dawson Maney – Rabun Co SR #3 Singles

STATS: 11-4

FAN VOTE – Pick the Last Finalist for POY

2019 Bob & Teds GIF


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