Lumpkin County ‘Living In The Moment’ Following 7-AAA Title [VIDEO]

For seven straight seasons (excluding COVID-shortened 2020), the Lumpkin County Lady Indians are playing in the state tournament. This one feels different, however, as the girls recently won their first Region Championship since 2016.

“It’s been thrilling, it’s just been absolutely the best that we were undefeated in the region,” says coach Alan Hogan. “It has just been wonderful for our team that we’ve had such great success. They are winners, and they have a great focus.”

Lumpkin has standouts on the court such as Bella Brock, who at #1 singles has been just about unbeatable.

“Bella has had some wonderful wins for us, particularly in the region playoffs and some of the critical matches that we were playing,” adds Hogan. “She has really worked hard and stayed focused and dedicated. I’m just so happy with the career she’s had for us.”

Others who have shined include: Camille Hopkins/Karen Harris (14-1 in doubles play), Katie Giddings (13-2), Emma Pitt (doubles), Amy Cumbie/Carly Sosebee (12-1 in doubles), and a freshman with an 11-3 mark in 3-singles.

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

Despite all the success of the Lady Indians, the team does not look ahead beyond the task at hand.

“They’ve been very good about staying in the moment and focusing on the task at hand,” states Hogan. “We try not to get ahead of ourselves or worry about what happened the day before, but just stay right in the moment. They’ve stayed true to the cause.”

The girls tennis program has continued to have success year after year, and the girls and coach Hogan know not to take it for granted.

“It really feels good that we’re on to something special here,” says Hogan. “Everybody has bought into the program, and have dedicated themselves to this. We’re ready to keep going with it.”

Lumpkin takes on its first round opponent on Friday, April 16 at home.

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