White County Achieving Big-Time Success, But Hungry For More [VIDEO]

It’s been a long three years since White County has tasted playoff success. That 2017-18 season saw the Warriors ranked #10 in the state at one point and garner 14 wins in Sam Borg’s last season in Cleveland. That group was solid, but this year’s version of the Warriors is arguably better.

“Our kids are great, they’ve been awesome this year,” says coach Robbie Bailey, who is just in year one over the program. “The thing I like most about our group is that they play for each other.”

The Warriors have a 13-5 record overall and are 10-1 in region play. To put it in perspective, White County won only 12 games last season while playing 8 more games. The last time White County won 10 region games? Never in recent memory going back 15 years. The wins record of 17 (at least in the last 15 seasons), was accomplished in ’13-14, ’15-16, and ’16-17. This year’s team could surpass that if given enough games. Still, being ranked #9 in the state and on top of the heap in 7-AAA means humility has to be something White County embraces.

“I feel like staying humble is what we did all year,” says junior star Silas Mulligan. “We just snuck up on people because people weren’t expecting us to come out and play like we did the first couple of games.”

Mulligan and company are riding an 8-game win streak heading into a February 5 matchup against Lumpkin, in which the Warriors can clinch a regular season region championship. This is certainly where the team envisioned it could very well be at this point.

“Yeah, definitely for sure, we knew we could compete with any team in the region,” says sophomore guard Jadon Yeh. “We just knew we were able to run with the region from the get-go.”

Mulligan and Yeh are both pivotal pieces to a team that has a great cast including those two alongside Cooper Turner, Reece Dockery, Jimmy King, Kenny Simpson, and others. Make no doubts though – if #14 (Yeh) and #3 (Mulligan) are hot, that bodes well for the Warriors.

“Obviously Jadon has the ball in his hands as the point guard…and he handles it well,” says Bailey. “Silas he’s probably one of our better shooters. When he’s hot, he’s as good as anyone in this region. It’s safe to say when those two kids are on, we feel pretty good. But we’re steady too…we have another good cast of characters.”

White County has all the makings of a great team with a young core, a will to win, and humility to stay grounded. That’s a dangerous recipe at this point in the season.

“First thing, these kids want to win a region title,” says Bailey. “That’s been the number one goal from the get-go. And of course they want to get to state. At the end of the day, they’re having fun and they want to play basketball. When you get a group that does that, good things will happen.”

Digital Copy of Interview – Robbie Bailey

Digital Copy of Interview – Robbie Bailey


Digital Copy of Interview – Silas Mulligan & Jadon Yeh

Digital Copy of Interview – Silas Mulligan & Jadon Yeh


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