Towns County Enjoying Unprecedented Success In 2020-21 [VIDEO]

You read that right…Towns County hasn’t had this level of success in boys basketball before. On the surface, some would be quick to point to the historic 2016-17 group that won 19 games, made the Sweet 16, and was ranked #5 in the state at one point. However, this year is definitely different for the recently #1-ranked team in Class 1A Public.

“We have to continue to improve on being humble,” says coach Rob Benson, who is closing in on 90 career victories in Hiawassee. “Just keeping the focus on each other and the team. We’ll just keep working…we have to remember that it’s more about the name on the front of the jersey and not the name on the back. We just keep preaching that message.”

The Indians are riding a 6-game win streak, are 10-1 overall, and 4-0 in Region 8-A. Even still, Benson knows this team can still improve.

“We have a good group of kids, they’re working hard,” says Benson. “I feel like every day at practice and in every game we’re getting a little better. We’re playing well, but we’re also getting better.”

The roster is loaded with talent, from undisputed leader Kolby Moss, to mainstays Aidan Berrong and Collin Crowder, to young talent like Zane Floyd, to newcomers Jake McTaggart and Kabe Ellis.

“This group and another group that I had back at another school have been two of the most special,” adds Benson, who adds that Moss is “easily” the most skilled player he has ever coached. “It’s been a very special bunch to coach. Top to bottom, probably the most talented team I’ve coached.”

Moss on January 18 set a school record for career points, surpassing 1,543 points to pass Zach Davenport, who was a member of the ’16-17 team. Benson adds that the ’16-17 group would rival this year’s version, especially in terms of physicality.

Make no doubts, Towns County has all the pieces and them some to make a serious region title run and perhaps an Elite 8 or deeper playoff run.

“We’re going to focus first and foremost on the region,” states Benson. “We’re going to focus on playing well in the tournament and getting that region championship. And then after that, we’ll prepare for the state playoffs. But we do have that expectation to play in the state playoffs and hopefully make a good run this season.”

Digital Copy of Interview – Rob Benson

Digital Copy of Interview – Rob Benson


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