Tigers Turned Away at The Brickyard in Loss to North Hall [VIDEO]

Much was on the line at The Brickyard on Friday night, with the winner earning Region Runner-Up status and, more importantly, a home game in round one of the state playoffs. Dawson County was plagued by multiple turnovers in a 34-21 loss to North Hall.

The North Hall Trojans (6-4; 5-1 in 7-AAA) took a commanding 20-0 lead in the first quarter and never wavered. The Tigers (5-5; 4-2) were reeling from the start, and only found points in the final minute of the first half when Zach Holtzclaw found Jaden Gibson for a 22-yd TD.

While the Trojans scored on the opening drive of the second half, Dawson retaliated with a Holtzclaw TD pass to Tyler Lane to pull it to within 27-14. Dawson had many promising drives the rest of the way, but were turned away on a fumble in the red zone and turned over on downs late.

Class 3A leading rusher Clark Howell was as advertised, scorching the defense to the tune of 3 rushing scores. He had a TD on the game’s opening drive from a yard out, and was followed by a Kevin Rochester 30-yd TD to make it 14-0 after one.

In the second, Howell found the end zone from a few yards out to push it to 20-0, and scored an 11-yd TD to open the third. Bradford Puryear had a 44-yd TD run to put the game on ice, though Dawson scored in the final minute.

The Tigers had a field goal blocked in the first quarter, had two drives get turned away on a turnover on downs (including once in the red zone), and fumbled one away.

With the win, North Hall claims region runner-up status, thus playing a home playoff game in round one. Dawson is third in the region, as Cherokee Bluff had clinched the title last week. However, White County throttled Bluff in the regular season finale. Dawson holds the tie-breaker over the Warriors with a head-to-head win.

Bradford Puryear 2020 MULLIS web

Digital Copy of Highlights – North Hall vs Dawson

Digital Copy of Highlights – North Hall vs Dawson


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