Crystal Ball: Week 12 Predictions

The final week of the regular season is here! Week 12! Here’s how we imagine things will pan out.

DISCLAIMER: We dissect the numbers, check against other projections, utilize the brain and not the heart. If we pick against any of our beloved 11 programs, take it as a diss if you want, or use it as motivation. We obviously would love to see all 11 programs win every single game, so we’ll celebrate even if we’re wrong if it means our locals walk off the field as winners.


Stephens County vs East Jackson

The Indians haven’t played in weeks. October 23 to be exact. That’s a LONG time to go without real game action. That puts them at a tremendous disadvantage. We think Stephens is up for a W. VERDICT: STEPHENS COUNTY

Lumpkin County vs West Hall

The Indians are looking at a potential win over West Hall (2-7). Lumpkin would LOVE to end the season on a positive note and ride that wave into the offseason and next year. VERDICT: WEST HALL

#2 Commerce vs Lincoln County

The Tigers are riding an emotional high after a road win at #5 Washington-Wilkes. Still, Commerce needs to have amnesia and focus on this one last regular season task. A win means claiming the region title outright. VERDICT: COMMERCE

Dawson County @ North Hall

Dawson County grabbed an easy win over Lumpkin, and now play a HUGE game at The Brickyard! North Hall’s offense has centered around Clark Howell, who has been one of the best in the state this season at running the ball. Dawson’s spread attack will really put pressure on North Hall. The winner takes the #2 seed in 7-AAA. VERDICT: DAWSON COUNTY

White County @ #9 Cherokee Bluff

The Warriors are in the playoffs, but would love to pull off a big upset win over Cherokee Bluff on the road. Though J Ben Haynes is back, playing two weeks ago, he didn’t run the ball even once. He’s had another week to heal up, but it’s unclear if he’s 100% right now. If he is limited in his ability to run the ball, it may not be worth trying to force something. The Bluff has had an insane season, and they’re gunning for an undefeated regular season. VERDICT: CHEROKEE BLUFF BY A HAIR

#1 Jefferson @ Madison County

Jefferson has had two games get canned for COVID. That’s disappointing, but maybe the Dragons can make up for lost reps against Madison County. This one will be a cake walk, and give the Dragons an unbeaten regular season. VERDICT: JEFFERSON

Union County @ Gilmer (THURSDAY)

The Panthers travel to Gilmer in hopes of getting a win for the first time since October 23. Union needs a win to get some traction heading into the state playoffs. VERDICT: UNION COUNTY

Banks County @ Elbert County

The Leopards are going to the Granite Bowl for a date with Elbert. This one means a lot to both in helping determine seeding. Elbert can get a 2-seed with a win, or a loss would create a mess of 2-4 all being 1-2 in region play. VERDICT: ELBERT COUNTY

Towns County @ #9 Washington-Wilkes

The Indians are coming off a loss that’s hard to swallow. #5-ranked Washington-Wilkes on the road is not what you would want coming off of that loss. VERDICT: WASH-WILKES

Habersham Central @ Shiloh (Saturday)

The Raiders play a Saturday game at Shiloh on the heels of a Tuesday night win over Central Gwinnett. Short week, but we feel the Raiders are up for the challenge. A win will assuredly lock up the 3 seed. VERDICT: HABERSHAM CENTRAL


Predicted winners are in bold

Gainesville vs North Forsyth
Chestatee vs Cedar Shoals
East Hall vs #5 Flowery Branch
#2 Buford vs #5 Dacula
Lakeview vs Providence Christian
Denmark @ West Forsyth

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