TFS’ Jennings Named Last Finalist for Volleyball Player of the Year

We let the public decide on the sixth finalist to be up for BLITZ Volleyball Player of the Year. The first five chosen and locked in were Makenzie Caldwell (Lumpkin), Dasha Cannon (White), Katy Corbett (Tallulah Falls), Madeline Koshuta (Habersham), and Maddie Grace Smith (Jefferson). Sarah Jennings of Tallulah Falls now joins teammate Corbett in the final pool

The voting tallied 32,726 total votes, and Jennings led the group with 17,014. She edged second-place vote-getter Maddie Chosewood of Habersham, who finished with an impressive 14,776.


Makenzie Caldwell (Lumpkin SR MH #8)

Photo by Greg Finan, Jr.

Stats: 161 kills, 118 digs, 56 assists, 42 blocks, 27 aces

Dasha Cannon (White SR OH #24)

Photo by Michael Grafx

Stats: 230 digs, 185 kills, 41 aces, 11 blocks

Katy Corbett (Tallulah Falls SR OH #11)

Photo by Crump Photo

Stats: 303 kills, 327 digs, 36 aces, 16 assists, 7 blocks, 1st Tm All-Region

Sarah Jennings (Tallulah Falls SO OH #18)

Photo by Crump Photo

Stats: 210 kills, 256 digs, 61 aces, 16 assists, 1st Tm All-Region

Madeline Koshuta (Habersham SO OH #8)

Photo by Ric Wallace

Stats: 326 kills, 192 digs, 55 aces, 16 blocks, 8-AAAAAA All-Region

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

Maddie Grace Smith (Jefferson JR S #16)

Photo by Ben Munro

Stats: 560 assists, 167 digs, 47 aces, 28 kills, 8 blocks



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