Lady Indians Seeking First-Ever Quarterfinals Berth [VIDEO]

The Tallulah Falls School Lady Indians are peaking at the right time. The position they find themselves in right now, a win away from the 1A State Elite 8, is one in which they’ve been in before. Getting to that point though would be a first for the program, which has now made it to state in six straight seasons.

“Everyone is excited on the team,” says coach Matt Heyl. “A couple of girls got to taste that success a couple of years ago…confidence is building. “

What makes this team’s story so special is the fact that closing August they were just 2-10 overall. Some of that was due to a tough schedule, but nonetheless, it wasn’t the record TFS thought it would have.

“At the time [going 2-10] was frustrating, but looking back I’m so glad we did it, because it just made us such a stronger team,” says star senior Katy Corbett, a next-level player who has played an exceptionally high level for four years now. “Everyone just started to gel more together and become more of a team. I was just so proud for all of us to go from that to making it happen.”

One of the biggest ingredients that led to the turnaround was, as coach Heyl points out, the addition of junior Alba Romanos, who was recently lost to injury for the season. Even after she went down, the team has rallied around playing for her as well as for each other.

The cast is strong, led by Corbett and fellow seniors Abby Carlan and Rebekah Jennings. Other standouts include Sarah Jennings, Barrett Whitener, Allie Dalton, Romanos, Evette Corwin, Nancy Fisher, and Addy McCoy.

“When they’re out there, they’re for each other no matter what,” states Heyl.

Watching the Lady Indians produces joy and a contagious excitement, as they literally take every play as it comes. The tight bond between the team, the culture of the program, and the chase of history are the driving force behind a team that has no shortage of talent.

“When we started winning, it just started adding on and adding on,” adds Whitener, a junior team captain who has been sensational at the net. “We really talked about it and how we were doing good. We are all together, and so close.”

“They love playing together,” adds Heyl. “The energy has gotten more and more. Usually when you’re at this point in the season, some people are ready to be done. That’s just special. They’re peaking. They’re playing the best that they have all year. What a great time for them to do that.”

TFS plays in the Sweet 16 on Saturday at St. Francis, with the winner moving on to the Quarterfinals.

Digital Copy of Interview – Matt Heyl

Digital Copy of Interview – Matt Heyl

10.00 $

Digital Copy of Interview – Katy Corbett & Barrett Whitener

Digital Copy of Interview – Katy Corbett & Barrett Whitener

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Feature Photo by Crump Photo

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