Excitement Abounds in Towns County after Back-To-Back Wins [VIDEO]

The excitement is finally back in Hiawassee, as the community has a renewed eagerness for Friday nights. Last year the team brought in new head coach Jason Roquemore. Despite going 0-10, they took the next step by laying out a brand new turf field ahead of this season. And now…back-to-back wins.

“The things that we came in and started last year, they’re really taking shape now,” says Roquemore. “We talked about culture…and consistency and confidence. We’ve kind of seen those things come full circle. Those are the two biggest factors that have contributed to where we are now.”

His players had longed for the day to get back in the win column, as the Indians had not won since 2018, and had not won two in a row since 2016.

“It was exciting, very fun.” says senior Hayden McClure. “I looked around the field, everyone was jumping up and down. Water was getting poured on coach. It was good.”

McClure, who transferred over from Hayesville prior to the season, is a large reason why Towns County has had early success, as he has 162 receiving yards for a team that in the past hasn’t thrown the ball a lot.

“You’ve got to be dynamic on offense,” says Roquemore. “The day of pound and ground, and ‘we’re tougher than you’…that brand of football is hard to sell to kids…we’ve got to do a good job of using our skill. We have guys that can win in space. It’s fun to watch.”

Towns County (2-1) has averaged 26 points per game. While early in the season, that figure at the moment ranks as the best in Hiawassee since the 2008 season.

“The defense just never knows what’s coming,” says junior Kyle Oakes, who has 478 rushing yards and 7 TDs on the season. “There are so many different weapons out there that we can use.”

The defense too has been great to this point. The Indians’ 12.67 points per game allowed, if it holds true, would be the best in school history. Despite the early success, the players know that they have to remain focused on the next game.

“Coach Roq makes sure we don’t look back,” says McClure. “In my mindset, I’m like ‘who’s next?’ not ‘what happened?'”

These kids and coach Roquemore set out to do much more this season than in years’ past.

“We want to make it to the playoffs,” adds Oakes. “We want to win, and get a new culture going and focus on winning.”

Digital Copy of Interview – Jason Roquemore

Digital Copy of Interview - Jason Roquemore


Digital Copy of Interview – Kyle Oakes & Hayden McClure

Digital Copy of Interview - Kyle Oakes & Hayden McClure


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