‘Pleasantly Surprised’ Lady Warriors Off to Hot Start [VIDEO]

“Coming into this season, having graduated six seniors, we really thought we were going to have a rebuilding year,” says coach Shannon Smith about her Lady Warriors. “We have been pleasantly surprised. We did feed off of last season and felt pretty good coming into this year.”

White County made history in 2019, tying a program record with 20 wins, and making its first-ever Elite 8 run. All told, the history (going back to 2015) of the Lady Warriors has produced three playoff runs in the first five seasons, which is very impressive. Still, they’re not resting on that success.

The girls are off to a terrific start to the 2020 season, earning two wins to open up, and then splitting on Tuesday night with a win over Tallulah Falls and loss to Habersham Central. Currently, the team is ranked #10 in Class 3A.

“Our girls don’t pay as much attention to [rankings] as much as focusing on the game at hand,” says Smith. “Last year we had a slower start, and it really seemed to weigh on us heavily. It kind of felt like we were trying to pull out of a hole. It’s truly remarkable to have a great start. We’re confident but we’re not overly confident where we are getting complacent.”

The team is relying heavily on proven playmakers Jenna Ash and Dasha Cannon.

“Dasha and Jenna both don’t come across as overbearing,” adds Smith. “They’re very easy to get along with, which is very important because in female sports girls play with emotion as much as talent. Dasha makes some of those miraculous plays; she’s awesome to watch.”

White County continues its quest to surpass last year’s success with a hopeful playoff run in 2020.

Digital Copy of Interview – Shannon Smith

Digital Copy of Interview - Shannon Smith


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